Friday, August 21, 2009

You Won't Get Back In If You Don't Change Your Clothes

Clark went through a four hour surgery yesterday. They did the bone marrow biopsy (results will begin coming in within 24 hrs for some tests others will take up to 10 days), placed a drainage tube by his right lung as fluid was building up there, and sewed the Velcro mesh to his sides pulling them together some. He remained intubated through the night but as I have said many times before, "we hope the tubes will come out today".

I had another great evening with Clark. We visited about his dogs (by the way for those asking about the price on his puppies), he wants $450 for the females (2), and $400 for the males (3). He said a lot of people were coming in to compliment him on his puppies as I hung an 8X10 picture of them in his room. He told me that he had slept all night the night before and had no pain. He asked me to find his shaver kit as the hospital uses straight edge shavers and Clark likes electric. We talked about a cologne of his that I sampled while cleaning his house the other day and it was GREAT! He knew exactly which one I was talking about. Said Dave had given it to him for Christmas, it is Vaquero and it means cowboy (available at fine Western Stores). I'll bet the chicks dig that one. We talked about the blog but he wanted me to wait to read the days comments until today. And then it happen, the funniest thing. It was 11:00 PM and time for me to leave as visitation hours end at 11. He got out his handy dandy alphabet board and began once more to type to me. He said, "I have lots of clothes," I replied, "I know you do, I just washed 18 loads for you", then he typed "they aren't going to let you back in here if you don't change your clothes". I laughed and laughed and laughed, nearly wanting to skip and whistle all the way out of the hospital. It was great having him pick on me. Let me explain. I didn't pack many clothes to come to Utah, thinking I wouldn't be here but a week (maybe). Upon going to his apartment and finding more clothes than a department store has and most of them dirty and on the floor, I gathered them and washed them. I figured that if I washed them, I could surely wear them. I was wearing one of his yellow t-shirts during a visit the weekend Dave had come down. Clark noticed it and I explained that I needed to borrow some of his shirts. He nodded okay. Since I didn't get back to Kristin's to change my clothes, I had to wear the same clothes the next day too. Who would have thought Clark was taking notice of what I was wearing. I didn't care. Then Clark had those sleepy days in which he didn't know I had really wore something different. Soo, last night I entered the room in the same yellow t-shirt (of course I had washed it), but Clark thought I had been wearing it for days. I left his room feeling so happy.


Austin said...

ha ha. We should get you a whole pack of yellow shirts!

Mills said...

LOL!! Cute story about the clothes. I can totally picture you really skipping down the hospital whistling too!! :) You sure look for all the silver lining Rhonda, if only we all could do that.

Karla said...

A past employee of mine,she was a certified medical assistant at Alta View Sports Medicine, so she knows the medical drill, and now remains a good friend who lives in Florida just sent the following message to me. She has prayed fervently, and has a prayer chain going at her church all the way down in Florida. She continues to monitor the blog each day, and below is her message to me that pretty well sums things up!

Karla ~ Just read Clark’s blog. Boy that kid has had to fight some battles. His mother’s strength and faith amazes me. I’ll keep praying. xo Connie

So many people out there thinking of the Kimbles and praying. It's so heartfelt and touching.

Hoping today is a Better than good day for all.


Karla said...

One more from Connie that was sent shortly after the transplant. I meant to send it earlier because I thought the fact that a stranger all the way down in Florida really represents the feelings of friends and strangers outside the immediate family. Hoping Clark enjoys hearing this.

Hi Karla. After a very long week I finally got a chance to catch up on some email.

I went to Clark’s blog and began to read. I cried my eyes out and laughed at the same time as I watched ‘The Happy Liver Dance’ I believe is what they called it? The human spirit is amazing how it can go from one extreme to the other in a matter of a few words. This young man has an incredible family and I am sure many incredible friends, perhaps even a few whom he has never met. I cried all the way through all of Rhonda’s posts. I believe many people feel pain but I believe a mother’s pain for her child is the deepest pain there is. I connected with her and cried with her. For a moment I felt as if Clark were my son, as my son has had to fight for his life on a few sad occasions as I stood by his bedside wondering why.

Wow. God HAS blessed this family! I hope someone will give Clark a big kiss from this ‘stranger’ in Florida, who has been touched beyond measure by this story. Love and blessings.


Forwarded by Karla ;-)

Karla said...

lol yellow shirts i love it and 18 loads of laundry thats alot Clark u should do laundry instead of buyin more cloths hehe hope u are feelin better hang in there buddy:)

Yode said...

Clark i should have snagged some of those cloths. Man o Man you have a lot! Your Big brother could use some new threads! O, and i think you should just have them leave the velcro on your skin then you can just open it up whenever you want and show everyone your new liver! That would be kickass!!
Later Bro Love ya!!

Eric Larson said...

Just got back from Dodge City, wish you were there. The erections just weren't the same without you there.You'll be back on your feet before you know it! Hope to see ya soon.....

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for someone to comment on the velcro...and I'm not at all surprised to read that it was Ryan!

18 loads, huh Clark? That might top BJ's personal record. Of course, he doesn't bother to spend much time, in actuality he might have equaled that if it had been done "right." I finally couldn't watch any longer and volunteered to finish the job for him. You all know that I have a bit of a laundry fettish!! It was torture for me to watch him.

Hang in there, Clark. I feel another story coming...but first, I have to fold a load of whites. ;)

(And then, I have to find my password so I can quit posting under 'anonymous.' lol!)


Marilyn said...

Love the story and all the stories on you have told throughout your experince. Thank you so much for the stories you write and allowing us to be a part of your journey. Rhonda and Clark - you are so strong and we so admire your fight, your strength, your spirit and your humor. Keep fighting through the bad stuff and keep healing, we continue to keep you and all your family in our prayers. I would love to take oneof those puppies - they are beautiful, but Jim says four dogs are enough for us. Continue your hard work! Love Jim and Marilyn Fronk

Janeanne said...

So Rhonda, you're saying Clark's room resembled a campground ransacked by bears?

Hey Clark, here's some laundry advice:

“Don't spend two dollars to dry clean a shirt. Donate it to the Salvation Army instead. They'll clean it and put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for seventy-five cents.” Unknown Author

Or, you could just invite your mother over more often!

Anonymous said...

18 loads of laundry?? Seriously, we've got to get you some Tide..

Hope you are better real soon.