Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nation Wide Blood Donations!

Just for the sake of asking, we have received notice from several people nation wide, that have already donated blood or soon will. Thank you. It will benefit many people in need. Again, Clark will not receive that exact blood donated in his name, but it will replace the blood he will surely need during his transplant but not the cost of it. Clark's blood is a type O+ in case you are wondering.

Our quality time with Clark is nearly gone, for now. Since morning I have noticed his slurring has reduced to a faint mumble. He doesn't wake up often and then it is only for a short time. Much of our time is spent in a nearby waiting room. Just being in the hospital and close to Clark's bedside gives each of us satisfaction. So for now, we wait!!!

I want you all to know we have received all communications you are sending. We have shared your comments with Clark up to this point and he is amazed at the out poor of love and support this entire nation is giving him. This blog has been viewed outside the USA as well. We will print this entire blog into a book for Clark once we can complete it by saying, "ALL IS WELL".
For those of you keeping up from my place of employment, Premier Bankcard in Watertown SD, I miss my job and the people I work with. I am overwhelmed at the support you have shown as a company and as individuals. I truly am proud to be a member of this superb company. You have all magnified Premier Bankcards Views and Values.

For my friends and neighbors, I appreciate your various offers to be of help and if needed, I will ask. Thank You! Everything seems to be going pretty good at the home front for now. It is my understanding that my sons back home are planning to come to Utah with Bart Moeller, once the transplant is completed or possibly even before.

Now to Dr. Likness, our family doctor in Watertown who delivered Clark at birth and even thought we named Clark after him (Dr. Likness' first name is Clark too) if you are following this blog, is there any way to get Clark home for Grandpa Larson's 100th birthday party the end of this month? I know a lot of factors have to come into play on this journey. It hasn't been totally ruled out on this end of the medical field but what about on ours? Are we able to meet Clark's needs, if needed? Clark will be required to stay in very close contact with the transplant team here in Salt Lake City for several months following the transplant but we are hoping for a 5 day trip back to South Dakota if possible. Of course Clark's well being comes first.


Marilyn said...

To Super Clark - keep fighting - you do have super powers of strength, humor, faith and love - you will and always are blessed. I think we have most of Kansas praying for you and probably a few other states as well and we will keep praying until you are at that celebration with your family having a good time!

To Rhonda, the rest of the family and the wonderful medical team - you are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Please know that much love and support is being sent you're way.

Love, Marilyn and Jim

Boyd Bischke said...

Clark, the times I came to the hospital to see you, you've been so positive about the situation. Everybody appreciates your likeable personality; my dad's always saying "Clark's a good kid." You deserve to get better!


Boyd, Janelle, and Ava

Kristin Kimble Purles said...
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Brad and Janeanne Bischke said...

Hi Kristen,

Eric and Boyd have been keeping us updated on Clark's condition and progress. Today, Eric sent us the link to the blog. Thanks for all you are doing to keep communication flowing. We really appreciate it.

Our hearts are heavy and tears come easily as we think of Clark and this battle. We love your entire family and feel especially connected to Clark because he spent a lot of time with Eric and Boyd.

Please let Clark know we are praying for him day and night in hopes all will be well. Please let you mom know that we are praying for her (and all of you) as well.

Has a donation fund be established to help with expenses as we would like to help? Please just let me know if there is somewhere we can send funds.

God bless you all. Much love.

Brad and Janeanne Bischke

Dr. "Clark" Likness said...

You are in our prayers and know that you are in great medical hands. We pray that the liver will come soon...hang in there. In regards to Grandpa's birthday, the nearest transplant team is in Sioux Falls and is an excellent team. The Utah team will determine whether Clark is able to return to S.D. then depending on his condition. The next few days will be very important, but each and every day there after will require meticulous care and I would follow what the Utah team says is appropriate. I saw grandpa Joe today and continue to tune him up. Clark- you and your family are in our prayers. If you need help in any other way or at home- let us know.

Dr. "Clark" Likness

Amanda said...

I was notified by Kristina Cordell and Kelsey Likness about you and what you've been going through lately. I read all of the blogs your mom and sister has posted. It's not fair that you have to go through this-- you are too nice of a guy! I just really want you to know that I will be thinking of you from Sioux Falls, and I know you have numerous other supporters who want you to get through this as well.

I am a nurse at Avera McKennan in Sioux Falls, and we do have a transplant doctor here named Dr. Khan, who is a great asset to McKennan. If there is anything I could do, talk to someone, get the message out about you, etc. to help get you back closer to home after the transplant, let me know.

You are in my thoughts Clark, and I will continue following the updates on your blog... get well SOON!!
Amanda Sorensen

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark...I just got a message from Kristina on facebook and she let us all know what was going on. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but by reading the blogs and what people have written, it looks like you have a very positive attitude. I admire you for that. I hope you get a transplant soon and then you can be on your way to recovery! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care and be strong,
Kristin Walder

reynolds0512 said...

It breaks my heart to know that you are having to go through this, but I know you will conquer. Love, prayer, and laughter can heal. I am living proof. It has been many years since I last saw you, but a very clear picture of that beautiful smile is still with me. Keep smiling:) You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that you are a fighter and I trust in the Lord that you will get through this difficult time. You are so loved!

Love, Adriann Reynolds (Schuchard)

*Kristin- When you have a moment email me at reynolds0512@hotmail.com, I would like to have your email address. Thanks!!

Ashley Blanchard said...

Clark, I really can't believe what has been happening. This just doesn't seem real. There is a nurse I work with her husband had a liver transplant earlier this year. He made a full recover in 3 months. This gives me hope that you will be back on your feet in no time! You will surely be in my prayers. Much Love!!
Ashley "Lueck" Blanchard
Thank you Kristin and Rhonda for being generous with your time and keeping all of us so informed!!

NatalieWiedrick said...

I remember all those mornings at WHS when you came in to run early before my early bird English class and I saw how you never gave up, always pushed on. Use that inner strength now and don't ever give up. I have been through some very tough medical issues the last several years and I know how easy it is to say enough. But you have to perservere.
You were always one of my favorite students and my thoughts and prayers will be with you. I am in Aberdeen, SD and if there is ANYTHING you our your family need, just let me know.

Natalie (Jahnig) Wiedrick

Kelsey Likness said...

Hello Clark and the rest of the Kimble gang- I was sorry to hear the news from my dad last night. I sent a Facebook message to Kristina Cordell about your condition and she got the message out to our WHS Class of 2003 Group (she is the group administrator). We're all rooting for you and praying a match comes your way soon. Stay strong and keep your faith.
Kelsey Likness