Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayer Offered By Susi Schuchard (a mother who's been here)

Heavenly Father,

We kneel humbley before you today with our heads bowed and our hands folded in complete obedience, asking in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that you watch over every detail of Clark's health and condition as we wait for you to bring in your perfect timing, a suitable liver that will restore his health. Father, we realize that this comes at a cost for the donor's family and we ask that you comfort them in their time of need. As you hold them in your arms, we ask also that you also bring strength and peace to Rhonda and her family. Remind them that prayer is our most powerful tool, as they wait and deal with the feeling of helplessness. Be with Ryan and the boys as they travel and place a hedge of protection around them. Father, please guide the medical team and heighten their awareness to the most minute details of Clark's condition so that they will respond quickly and accurately. Bring true rest to Clark as the medicines hold him in this state. May he be aware of Your hand on his shoulder and his mother's hand holding his as she strokes his hair and reminds him that she is at his side. We have faith, Lord, that you are able to completely restore Clark's health and for that, we praise your name. Thank you for loving Clark and for hearing our prayer today. We recognize you as the one and only God, the Giver of all and the Creator of all.

In the name of our Comforter, Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

This hand-made sign is posted in our neighbor's

field in South Dakota. Thank you Schuchards!


Lisa said...

When I saw this blogspot, I stopped everything and prayed for you. Stay strong, stay focused on the hand of God protecting you. Never doubt your faith. My son's name is Clark, so please know I will have a continual reminder to pray for you each time I call his name. <>< Recognize God's blessings each day as you grow stronger.

Tanizha Lauseng said...


I was in Clarks class in WHS. When i heard the news i started to cry. No one should have to go through this not even Clark. I remember Clark as a funny, confident, smart guy. He is also has a strong will. I know he will come out on top of this. I have sent all my family his name to keep him in their thoughts and prayers. You tell Clark when he gets out of this i said hi and i will keep him in my thoughts even after this is over. He is too young to have this happen to. Also tell your family i will pray for them as well. I know personally how hard this is. I have gone through it myself. Chin up. I know Clark will make it through.

Love ya Clark,

Tanizha Lauseng