Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pray! We Need a Liver in HOURS Not Days

Kristin is continually working on Clark's blog to keep everyone
updated as quickly and often as she can. I have my laptop with
us and internet service through my cell phone.

Heavenly Father, please send Clark a liver quickly!
Comfort the family of the donor knowing a life has
been saved. We will be forever grateful.
Dr. Cate Straub, the surgeon who will be doing the actual transplant. She said most transplants are done in the night hours, thats just the way it happens. She has been sleeping as much as possible with Clark on her mind in preparation for the surgery. She said she will go home and try to nap this afternoon in hopes a call with a suitable liver is available within hours. We asked again about family donating a portion of their liver but the answer was firmly no. Clark needs the whole liver and fast!

Last night Clark had an episode where he went completely out and was unresponsive for 10-15 minutes. He didn’t know where he was or who Huxley is. This morning he was trying to get out of bed and was on his way to falling on his face when the nurse caught him. He is not following commands, saying the same phrases over and over again – “I’m good” and “I have to pee.” His mental status is dangerous for his safety and his brain. As a preventative measure, he was put into a medically induced coma this morning and put on a respirator. His vitals are stable and all other organs are functioning properly. The biggest worry is when the kidneys start being effected which they are monitoring by his urine output. They are transferring him to the Surgical ICU in hopes and preparation for liver to come available soon. He is still #1 on the list on our region but was also put on the national list.

We are praying that they will get a healthy liver within hours and that Clark’s condition will not decline further. This may be all for today as we are communicating closely and freqently with the Transplant team.


Kelsey Likness said...

Thanks for the update Kristin. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kelsey Likness

solumca said...

Randi has been keeping me updated on a lot of this until she gave me this web address today. Clark is so strong and i hope that he hangs in there. I pray over and over for God to heal him. I believe his beautiful smile hasnt done all God wants him to do... Im praying for all of you. I wish i could be there to help. Much love.
Cassie Solum

Karla said...

Clark, Rhonda, Kristen and family. I keep your blog open 24/7and you continue to be in my ongoing dialog w/God.

Glad Clark is being moved to Surgical ICU... this is good and they can be ready at the drop of a hat, when this miracle liver becomes available, which it will.

Your courage and faith is inspiring, and I know your prayers will be answered. As quickly as he can decline, he can be back on the road to good health, so hang in there.

Love and Good Thoughts,

Ryan said...

Hang in there Clark there are many eyes on you right now and we know you can do it. You probably don't remember but when you were a little kid and won the little state wrestling tourny. Well you know how many people were cheering for you then! Now there are way more people that cheering for you! i've been having troubles trying to decide when to come and visit but the rest of the boys and i have decided that we are leaving first thing in the morning. We love you sooo much and will see you soon and we can all be together! Thank you mom, kristin and all the others that have been there and visited. Also for everyones thoughts and prayers.

Ryan said...

Doin a great job Tin! we will see you soon! my work has been so good about giving me time in dealing with this and the boys' work too! everyone is thankful for the Blog reports.

Sheri said...

I dont know Clark or most of the family for that matter. I have however gotten the opportunity to know Miles and his brother while working at Hy-Vee this summer. You should know you have a couple of kind young men. It is obvious they love their family very much.

I will continue to pray for Clark and your family. Keep God close to your heart as He will always be there for you.

Heather West said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family every day...I truely hope the good Lord is able to give you the miricle you so desperately need!

andrew kimble said...

Clark you are in the thoughts and prayers of the Kansas Kimble's and our friends and church. Hang tough as you are being watched over and comforted from above. Rhonda stay strong for Clark and the rest of the family, but take care of yourself as well. Kristen Thank you for updating the blog to keep us up to date even though we are so far away. Thoughts and prayers for the whole family.


solumca said...

one more thing. If you need more O+ blood when the liver comes, i can hop on the 9pm flight or the 9am flight. You can take as much of mine as you need!!! I dont care if im down for a few days as long as he pulls through this. So if i can help, please let me know.

Susi said...

Heavenly Father, we kneel humbley before you today with our heads bowed and our hands folded in complete obedience, asking in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that you watch over every detail of Clark's health and condition as we wait for you to bring in your perfect timing, a suitable liver that will restore his health. Father, we realize that this comes at a cost for the donor's family and we ask that you comfort them in their time of need. As you hold them in your arms, we ask also that you also bring strength and peace to Rhonda and her family. Remind them that prayer is our most powerful tool, as they wait and deal with the feeling of helplessness. Be with Ryan and the boys as they travel and place a hedge of protection around them. Father, please guide the medical team and heighten their awareness to the most minute details of Clark's condition so that they will respond quickly and accurately. Bring true rest to Clark as the medicines hold him in this state. May he be aware of Your hand on his shoulder and his mother's hand holding his as she strokes his hair and reminds him that she is at his side. We have faith, Lord, that you are able to completely restore Clark's health and for that, we praise your name. Thank you for loving Clark and for hearing our prayer today. We recognize you as the one and only God, the Giver of all and the Creator of all.

In the name of our Comforter, Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Austin said...

I wish there was more we could do. For now we continue to pray and wait for good news. I was able to donate blood yesterday and felt like I was able to help a litte. I feel like the amount of prayer and fasting being offered in this experience is bringing so many closer to our Father in Heaven. Clark we love you and are praying for your recovery.

NatalieWiedrick said...

Clark and Family-

I have had your blog open all day since I heard about the situation. Several times I have found myself in tears at my desk-but I know God has a miracle planned for you-hang in there! Everyone I know here in Aberdeen, SD is praying for you.


jjnygaard said...

Kimble Family~ Just wanted to let you all know that my prayers and thoughts are with all of you during this tough time! Thanks for the updates! Please God find Clark a liver fast!

Jill Nygaard Schoenefeld

Karla said...

My thoughts and prayers are with u all. i check about every hour for updates thank u kristin it helps to ease my mind alittle

Clark Lickness said...

Clark you are in our prayers and know that you are in great medical hands. We pray that the liver will come soon...hang in there. In regards to Grandpa's birthday, the nearest transplant team is in Sioux Falls and is an excellent team. The Utah team will determine whether Clark is able to return to S.D. then depending on his condition. The next few days will be very important, but each and every day there after will require meticulous care and I would follow what the Utah team says is appropriate. I saw grandpa Joe today and continue to tune him up. Clark- you and your family are in our prayers. If you need help in any other way or at home- let us know.