Thursday, August 6, 2009

4:15 Report

Doc said Clark is doing fine. Things are going well. They are using some blood products but this was expected. They will be there for awhile yet. We continue to get closer. Keep trying Clark, Keep trying.
Another funny. Before Clark was put in the medically induced coma, I read the comments on the blog that had just come in. Of course we had been reading them all to him as they came in. It happen to be a comment from Susi talking about Adriann and her struggles while being hospitalized. I knew her condition was serious but didn't remember exactly what it was. I asked Clark if he remembered what Adriann suffered with? He confidently looked straight at me and slurred, "Yep, it was her ears". I laughed once he looked away, knowing that couldn't be life threatening. I actually am anxious to hear the stories he will tell in the next days. But I was warned that he may be a little cranky from the medications. Bring it on Clark!


Carson said...

We're all happy here in Nebraska that everything is going well. Between three computers, our phones, and ipods, we're just waiting for an alert that there's been more news. I'm glad all is well. How is the rest of the family doing?

Randi Jo said...

this has been a very hard time for me. but through this all i love how everyone can still laugh and smile. thats what clark would want. thank you rhonda for the updates. i cant wait to hear from you. take care of clark for me. praying and thinking of you all.

Bill and Liz Markley said...

We are monitoring the blog continually and very relieved that everything seems to be progressing very well. We have had several Pierre friends praying for Clark too! Ryan called as they were coming through Pierre. Keeping you all in our prayers ---
Bill and Liz Markley

Karla said...

Ha! Anybody who wakes up feeling like they've been hit by a freight train, and it's two days later than they thought it was deserves to be a little cranky ;-)

It will be an absolute joy to hear his voice won't it Rhonda. Nothing sweeter than your childs voice!!!

I am getting happier with each update. Keep those cards and letters coming Super Bloggers for Super Clark!

You're on the home stretch now Clark. Unbelievably COOL !!!


KSGirl said...

Keep going Clark! I've been following all day and still have him listed on the prayer list at my church.

You, O God, have tested us; you have refined us as silver.
Psalms 66:10

This week has been a test, but your strength of faith and love is shining through. Your grace and strength this week has been an inspiration.

Still praying in Kansas


April said...

Haha! I'm loving the ears story. I get pretty crazy on meds too.

Austin said...

I'm grateful for the technology that has allowed these updates to be shared so quickly. Between the texts from Tay and the blog updates, I feel like I have been well informed. I've kept a prayer in my heart all day for Clark and his surgical team as well as the family of the donor. I'm looking forward to continued good news! Keep it up Clark!

Erin said...

Clark, I have been glued to my computer following your struggle; crying, praying, and even giggling. Rob Bell says that the closer one comes to the Spirit the more their soul actively laments and rejoices amidst the complexity of the human condition and the glory of the Divine surrounding them. Witnessing your fight, even if via the internet, rendered that notion a reality for me. Keep up the fight Clark and we'll all keep up the prayers! Grace and Peace neighbor!!

the bangs said...

Thanks for the updates and stories. I'm glad you can still have some laughs at this time. I'll keep checking in !

kelli bang

Susi said...

Oh, Rhonda!! I can't wait to tease Clark about that for years to come! In a sense, Clark was actually close to being correct. When Adriann was 17, Clark (Likness) discovered a brain tumor. It was successfully removed at Mayo. That, however, was just the beginning of a roller coaster ride. Five years later while attending college in Tulsa (Where my family lives) my mother found Adriann unconscious and convulsing. Once we were able to put a timetable to it, she had been in that state for 26 hours before she was found. The doctors prepared us for the worst, as her organs had begun to shut down, she suffered a "cardiac episode" upon arrival at the hospital, and permanent brain damage was likely. She could not walk, talk or see. For nearly 2 weeks, her heart rate was alarmingly low and irregular, yet no cause could be found. She had a team of 9 doctors working with her. The Lord truly performed miracles. Literally. Upon her release she returned to college and was on the honor roll the following semester. She met the man that she would marry while she was in the hospital and they have now been married for 2 years. She is the healthiest, happiest and most beautiful woman and I'm so very proud that, for some reason, the Lord had this plan for her life and she has learned to accept it without question. Her life is her testimony.

The Lord had lessons for me to learn, as well. I'll pass one of them along to are not Superwoman. You must take off that cape and send it to the dry cleaners. Rest. Allow others to help. Take care of yourself at every possible opportunity. Be patient with yourself. No one expects you to be perfect. (OK...I admit...Dr. Clark had to thump me upside my head a time or two on a couple of those points!)

Continued heartfelt prayers for the Kimble family...each and every one of you!

Susi said...

Yep. Me again. I forgot to add...when Adriann read the update and how you waited until Clark looked away before you began to laugh she replied, "At least Rhonda waited 'til Clark wasn't looking before she laughed. You guys just busted out laughing right away when I said stuff like that!" She was...of course...smiling when she said it. She was also correct.