Saturday, August 1, 2009


Eric, Kate, Preston, Carter, Cortland Larson
Logan, Alishah, and Alyssa Larson
Shane and Beth Larson
Eric, Ana, Boston, and Paisley Bischke
Suzanne and Ally Griffiths
Bishop Sampson (and wife)

(There have been others who are not pictured - Bruce and Illa Larson, Aaron Larson, Elliot and April Huntington and Father-in-law, Wyatt, and Dave.)


Eric & Kate said...

Your a trooper Clark...Remember, it's ALL about you right now!!!

signals3_t5 said...
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dyannt said...

Clark and all,
You continue to be in my prayers daily. Thank-you for allowing everyone to be a part of your lives. Your strength is inspiring. I never knew Clark existed before this began. Now I feel as though I have known him forever. God Bless each one of you.