Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Do you hear it? As of today, we are on an uphill climb in this roller coaster were on. It's slow and steady but we'll take it. Clark enjoyed a special visit from Jimmy Cooper, here all the way from South Dakota. Clark's labs dropped by half today, which is good. The doctors were extremely pleased and relieved to see this. His fever has also come down, and he is breathing with little assistance. He is scheduled for surgery at 7:20AM to be cleaned, drain more fluid, and bring the muscles a little closer together. Clark weighs 200 lbs right now with all the extra fluid and the wound pack, which is 30 pounds more than his usual weight.

They hope to remove the breathing tube tomorrow if Clark can pass a few tests. I know that Clark will love being able to talk again. He asked if he could eat or drink once the tube is out, "like a popsicle or orange juice". The nurse said he can have ice chips to start, then move on to clear liquids, then food as tolerated. The feeding tube will stay in place because even if he can eat a little, it won't be as much nutrition as he needs.
Clark's mind is obviously very sharp and active. He has an alphabet pad that he can type on. He is very precise with his spelling and accuracy. Even if we understand what he's saying, he has to complete the word or thought. I think this may be because he wants to prove to us that he knows what he's talking about. He expressed that he's worried about where he will stay when he leaves the hospital and doesn't want to be a burden on anyone. He thought he might stay with me for one week. Ha! Then he asked about his dogs, knowing that the puppies will need their shots soon and that Vicious is coming into heat. He wants to make sure she's separated and wants to have Bentley neutered. From his many hours of watching TV, he learned that Dairy Queen is having a fundraiser tomorrow to benefit children in the hospital. We'll be there!

Clark gave us permission to take pictures yesterday but the nurse said that because he's on anesthesia, it's not valid consent. Today, the floor nurse observed this conversation and said that Clark didn't need to sign anything because she could see he was giving his verbal consent. Pictures are rolling again! Too bad we missed the bolt.
Here you can see that his head is shaved where
they inserted the bolt. Also, where the many, many tubes
were in his neck. Glad to see those gone!

This is the fluid that is being pumped
from his opening through the wound vac.

This drawing is on the marker board in Clark's room.
It shows the "fancy" way the surgeons had to attach the liver.
The nurse said that all the doctors and nurses
who come in the room look at it and say, "WOW"!


Stephen said...

Rhonda and Kristin, I want you to know how wonderfully I think you have done with this blog. One of the things I most appreciate are the photos. Clark, I want you to know that I appreciate your consent to let us all witness this stuff.Some of the photos, for some, might border on umcomfortably graphic. But, for me, since I can't visit, this whole ordeal, if not for the photos, borders on the surreal. Love hurts.

Clark, I continue to pray for your steady recovery.

Bart said...

Good morning sunshine. Its wonderful to see those big brown eyes again. Wish I were there to see you and talk to you. Keep up the good fight Clark will see you soon. Love ya bud. Bart

Kathy T. said...

You have all be truly blessed with Clarks progress. Many here in Wtn. continue to pray that the positive progress continues. Thanks for the updates and pictures. It is wonderful to see the awesome works of our God.
God Bless Clark and your entire family!

Eric & Kate said...

Thank you sooo much Rhonda and Kristin for constantly keeping this blog updated. Even though I am able to see Clark, I'm still addicted to this blog. An addiction that I proudly talk about. I was given an amazing family to be a part of.

Kelsey said...

Thanks for the update Rhonda and Kristin! Dave stopped me on my run last night as he drove by to tell me Clark was doing much better...I was soo happy to hear and I passed the info along to my parents. :) Keep up the good work Clark! We're all proud of your courage and strength!

Kelsey Likness

Carter Larson said...

I love Clark. I miss you. I hope your feeling better. I hope your liver feels better. We really love you!

Preston Larson said...

I hope your feeling better. I can't wait til you get out of the hospital and I can see you. We miss you alot! Your my dad's favorite cousin. I hope your liver feels way better. I was really scared for you. I'm glad I got to see a picture of you.

Roxie said...

Such wonderful news! Keep up the good fight. How like you to think of others even when you are not 100% yourself. CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU CAN COME HOME AND WE CAN SEE YOUR PROGRESS FOR OURSELVES. Thank again Kristin and Rhonda for all the details on your blogs you are doing a great job!

Karla said...

Oh Clark, you are a sight for sore eyes. Hearing that the surgery went well, and hearing the reports is not the same as seeing you with my own eyes. You look just beautiful.

Keep up the good work, and know that the prayers do not stop.

I absolutely knew without a doubt that one of the first things you would write about would be your dogs! Good Man, and it made me remember the many dog visits and conversations that we had together.

Good to see you getting better each day! When you're well enough and want some sunshine, come to St. George, lay by the pool, and enjoy the guest house ;-)

Love and good thoughts from,
Blog Addicted in St. George

jjnygaard said...

Kimble Family~
Wow! This blog is amazing! Kristin and Rhonda you have done such a wonderful job keeping everyone updated! Thanks Clark for letting them take pictures during this journey! Clark and I weren't very close in school but I do want him to know that I think about him everyday and have been following this blog since day 1!! Also, that I am keeping him and my thoughts and prayers!! Stay strong Clark!! You are an amazing person!!

Jill Nygaard Schoenefeld

Taylor Gardner said...

These positive updates make my entire day!! I, too, have your blog up all day long and frequently check in on you. I'm so glad, Clark, that you're awake. It is sooo good to see pictures now that you're alert and conversing so well. We missed you while you were sleeping. Austin and I hope to come visit real soon.

Susi said...

When we lived at the other acreage and BJ was 2 he went through a phase of "disappearing." (I know that you can relate to that Rhonda! Was it Fletcher that pulled this stunt in Sioux Falls?) We had a cornfield right next to us and houses on the other side of that. He'd go "visiting" and would walk into that cornfield to get to the neighbor's house. Needless to say, it would send me into a tailspin!! The last time that he pulled this stunt, it was the fall of the year, it was getting dark & quickly cooling off and...we couldn't find him ANYWHERE! I knew my little tike was getting cold, wherever he was. We called the police for assistance. Mom loaded Erin up into the car to go searching in one direction while we all went in other directions. As they were slowly driving around Mom told Erin that we needed to pray for a little mirace. Erin, 4 years old at the time, paused as she looked up at my mom and said, "Does God still DO that?!?!" Right about then, a police car passed them with BJ inside, smiling and waving at excited to be riding in a police car. (We hoped that this wasn't a sign of things to come! LOL!!)

Yes, my Erin. God DOES still "do" miracles. And seeing these pictures of Clark is proof, thereof. We love you, Clark!

Thank you, Lord, for this very special miracle and for the opportunity to share it with this beloved family.

Austin said...

I'm glad to see that you are awake and alert. It's nice to finally have pictures again. We are looking forward to visiting and bringing you something to do. Rhonda, you once mentioned the possibility of financial donations? Just wondering if that's still a possibility.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the roller coaster ride you have all been on! What a strong supportive family you have Clark! You have all been in my prayers since I heard what was happening! I am so happy for the answered prayers. Keep close as a family and continue to fight Clark! God bless you all! I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Ronda Veflin- Watertown

Anonymous said...

This is great news! I have been checking the blog everyday to see what is going on. The blood donations is awesome. I would love to donate but at this time i can not due to pregnancy. Is there any other way for some of us to help Clark with the medical cost? As soon as you guys find out what you can do please post it! I know there is a bunch of us that would love to help out!

Tanizha Lauseng