Friday, August 14, 2009


Clark's friends James and X came to visit him today.
They just recently learned of his
condition and came to the hospital soon after.

Clark asked for a deck of cards yesterday but hadn't had the chance to play yet. When Huxley came out from visiting Clark tonight he said that Clark wanted me to go back. He was ready. I asked him what he wanted to play and jokingly suggested Speed. His eyes got wide and he quickly shook his head NO. Then he motioned his hands to let me know he wanted to play War. Ya, that might be better as it's a little more simple with less skill involved. I told him I couldn't even brag if I won because he is the one laying in a hospital bed. We reminisced about the days and days of playing War on the bus with Randall, Katie, and others. We would play until it was our turn to get off, then each keep our own cards, and pick up right where we left off the next morning. The same game would go on for days.

While playing tonight, the nurse came in and said, "I can't believe I'm looking at a guy with tubes down his throat playing cards!" The nurses mentioned Clark in their meeting saying that they couldn't believe he was on his phone texting and surfing the Internet on a laptop. They said that about 95% of patients who are intubated are sedated. But they're not Kimble's!

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Susi said...

Clark, keep setting that bar high and continue to amaze those nurses. Tell them they "ain't" seen nothing yet!! We're so very proud of you. Attitude is a choice. And, you're making good ones!!