Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Clark!

I knew that this would be a hard day,
but I didn't think it would be my lunch that would break me,
bringing me to painful tears.

Happy Birthday little brother!
Clark's 21st birthday, 2006.

Clark, celebrating his 22nd birthday.

Celebrating Clark's 23rd birthday with
a dutch oven peach cobbler two years ago.

Clark's 24th birthday, just after the onset of his illness.
He was very yellow and was admitted to the hospital the next day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

T-Shirst Are In

T-shirts are here and they look great. I am so excited to wear mine as it is a symbol of Clark and bears a message that he would love to share - "LIVE SUPER!"

We are not trying to make money on the shirts, just making sure all expenses are covered, including packaging, shipping, PayPal fees, etc. They will cost $15 shipped and $10 for pick up. You can pay using PayPal for shipped shirts, and cash or check (made out to Kristin Purles) for pick up.

Pick up will be available in Utah only. We will have them at the balloon release on July 27 at Olympic Park in Lehi. After that you can pick up at our home. Email me for address and date/time - klkimble@gmail.com.

There are some kids sizes and plus sizes. There is a link to a size chart at the bottom of the page. Just as a reference, I wear an adult small and Kellen wears a large. Willow wears 3T clothes and the Youth XS was big on her - maybe for a 4 or 5 year old. Hope this gives you an idea.

Wear your shirt with pride and honor,
remembering that you represent Clark as you do.
He would want you to LIVE each day SUPER!

Balloon Release

I've been wondering what to do on Clark's upcoming birthday. I usually make him a Cheesecake a Red Velvet Cake or go up the canyon for dutch oven peach cobbler, but who would eat it? Thanks to Kate's suggestion, I am now looking forward to CELEBRATING it rather than dreading it.

On Clark's birthday, Tuesday, July 27th, we will be releasing balloons into the heavens. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome.

We will be releasing them in Utah at Olympic Park in Lehi at 6:25 PM sharp (the time of his birth. We are celebrating his life, not his death!). Please arrive early to fill your balloon, write a message, and get a Tshirt (if you want one - $10). I will be there at 5:45. Balloons will be provided by Kate. They will be green because that is the national color for organ donation (like yellow is for soldiers and pink for breast cancer).

In Watertown, if you would like to join in releasing a balloon, it will be at his graveside at the south end of Mount Hope Cemetery, at 6:25PM CST (the time of Clark's birth). Bring your own green balloon, with a message inside or tied to the string if you would like.

If you are not in one of these locations, or if you cannot make it at that time, feel free to release a balloon at your own convenience to celebrate with us. If you would like, take a picture, email it to me (klkimble@gmail.com), and I will post them on the blog.

Thank you Kate for the wonderful idea.
What a special day this will be!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Constant Reminders That You're Gone

I can cook fish anytime I want.
If I drop food on the ground, I have to pick it up.
I'm usually in bed by 10:30pm.
I'm behind on celebrity status'. I just learned what "JB" stands for.
I wonder how the bishop's doing?
Mail! Mail! Mail! Bills! Bills! Bills!
I closed your bank account this week.
I have fewer emails because of fewer comments on the blog.
Little to nothing to blog about.
Blog traffic is down 68%. Surprisingly it still gets over 100 hits a day.
I have a fridge full of purple G2, a pantry full of oatmeal, and I dumped out a whole jar of yogurt today.
I'm the new owner of a WII, an IPhone, a bottle of cologne, and a recliner.
Cell towers are everywhere.
SASH - Saline Antibiotic Saline Heparin
Facebook says it's been awhile and wants me to reconnect with you.
Willow says she saw you in heaven and you were happy.
I'm in communication with several people wanting to do news stories.
You now have an anniversary of death. June 11, 2010. Over a month already.
I haven't watched "Let's make a deal" for awhile.
They're building a Chick-Fil-A in the Meadows.
"I'm sorry to hear about your brother."
Your smell is still in the basement. Fading.
I have no use for an IV pole, a shower chair, or a blood pressure monitor.
I almost wrote your name on the temple prayer role, twice.
I love my new houseplants.
I hung a picture of you on the fridge, right next to dad's.
I went swimming, sat in the sun, and dug in the dirt, all in the same day.
While in Willow's room, I could hear Kellen talking on the phone downstairs, from his office.
I'm buying up everything "Superman" that I see.
I call your phone sometimes just to get your voice mail and hear your voice. Ironic that your message says, "Sorry that you've missed me." Most people say, sorry I missed you. But you got it right. I miss you!
Oop, just called again and it's now been disconnected. One more thing to miss.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Help Hayden Heal

Others have done so much for Clark and as I've said before, it has taught me who I want to be for others. Here is another in need. Five-year-old Hayden Cullimore needs a liver transplant. Even with good insurance, his family has been told to prepare to pay up to $200,000 out of pocket. To "Help Hayden Heal" his family has organized a benefit concert on July 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Layton Amphitheatre. The concert will feature the local Utah famed trio Mercy River, nationally acclaimed Broadway tenor Dallyn Bayles (Phantom of the Opera), Jessie Clark Funk and recent organ transplant recipient and award-winning pianist Paul Cardall.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't Leave Us Yet

We have so enjoyed keeping this blog for many reasons. We have been impressed by the following Clark gained from close friends and family as well as strangers. As of today, we have had 14,452 absolute unique visitors, and a total of 86,258 visits. The blog's peak traffic days were transplant day, August 6, 2009 with 1,780 visits, and 2,871 visits on the day of his passing, June 11, 2010. That is incredible. What a support we (and Clark) have felt from you.

Before you stop checking in on the blog, know that we have a few posts left to share. We will post a summary of the funerals along with pictures and audio if possible, T-Shirt ordering information, a couple more news stories are in the works, and more. Of course, our posts will not be as frequent but we don't plan for this to be the end quite yet. And remember to continue posting your comments as we are going to print the blog into a book.