Friday, July 16, 2010

Balloon Release

I've been wondering what to do on Clark's upcoming birthday. I usually make him a Cheesecake a Red Velvet Cake or go up the canyon for dutch oven peach cobbler, but who would eat it? Thanks to Kate's suggestion, I am now looking forward to CELEBRATING it rather than dreading it.

On Clark's birthday, Tuesday, July 27th, we will be releasing balloons into the heavens. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome.

We will be releasing them in Utah at Olympic Park in Lehi at 6:25 PM sharp (the time of his birth. We are celebrating his life, not his death!). Please arrive early to fill your balloon, write a message, and get a Tshirt (if you want one - $10). I will be there at 5:45. Balloons will be provided by Kate. They will be green because that is the national color for organ donation (like yellow is for soldiers and pink for breast cancer).

In Watertown, if you would like to join in releasing a balloon, it will be at his graveside at the south end of Mount Hope Cemetery, at 6:25PM CST (the time of Clark's birth). Bring your own green balloon, with a message inside or tied to the string if you would like.

If you are not in one of these locations, or if you cannot make it at that time, feel free to release a balloon at your own convenience to celebrate with us. If you would like, take a picture, email it to me (, and I will post them on the blog.

Thank you Kate for the wonderful idea.
What a special day this will be!


Abby said...

I'll be releasing a balloon for Clark from Des Moines (Seattle) Washington. I think this is a fantastic day to remember him on his Birthday!
Thinking of you,
Abby Ronnebeck (formerly Kneeland)

Anonymous said...

Bobby & I will be releasing balloon's from the beach (by the Edmonds Ferry Dock)We remember the time you stayed at our house. Clark, you, Willow, Grandpa Joe, your Mom & her sisters & Jennifer & the kids.What a houseful. We will never forget that visit. We had so much fun & many memories we will carry in our heart.Our blessings are sent your way.
Love always & forever.
Bobby & Claudia Mills

Karla said...

Balloons will be released from Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah in remembrance of all the Best Clark Memories over the years... Pictures will be sent to Kate to pass on for posting.

God Bless the Kimble Family on this date!

Love and Good Thoughts,
Karla in St. George