Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Clark!

I knew that this would be a hard day,
but I didn't think it would be my lunch that would break me,
bringing me to painful tears.

Happy Birthday little brother!
Clark's 21st birthday, 2006.

Clark, celebrating his 22nd birthday.

Celebrating Clark's 23rd birthday with
a dutch oven peach cobbler two years ago.

Clark's 24th birthday, just after the onset of his illness.
He was very yellow and was admitted to the hospital the next day.


kate larson said...

What a HANDSOME guy. I love seeing the smile on his face. Happy and sad tears streaming down my face as I look at these pictures of Clark. Miss him terribly!!! Thank you Clark for changing my life for the better...

Anonymous said...

Clark, this is your mother. I'm missing you so very much. I'm at work today and wishing it was 25 years ago and that we were still connected bt umbillical cord. Oh how'd I'd like to change things. this life really isn't that great, not at all what I had hoped for. I'd change places with you in a heart beat. Gotta go back to my desk with tears running down my face. I pray for a spiritualvisit from you. I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARK!!! I miss you very much and think about you everyday. I drive by your house twice a day and always think of the great times we had together. You may not physically be here with us, but I know your spirit and heart lives on with all of us who love you.

Love, Annie

Jessica Woody said...

Happy Birthday my love sorry so late I had work and school today. I love u and miss u very much! I think of u every chance I get. The world is just not the same with out u. Nobody to pick at me anymore either! Anyway I hope everything is goin good up there talk to u later Spencer.

Marilyn Fronk said...

Happy Birthday Clark - you are so missed and so loved. You will never be forgotten and your story and spirit lives on in so many others!! Fly high Super Clark!

Bobby Konrady said...

DROP A DUB! Happy Birthday Bro , just wanted to let you know I was thinkin about you, life isn't the same without you.