Friday, July 16, 2010

T-Shirst Are In

T-shirts are here and they look great. I am so excited to wear mine as it is a symbol of Clark and bears a message that he would love to share - "LIVE SUPER!"

We are not trying to make money on the shirts, just making sure all expenses are covered, including packaging, shipping, PayPal fees, etc. They will cost $15 shipped and $10 for pick up. You can pay using PayPal for shipped shirts, and cash or check (made out to Kristin Purles) for pick up.

Pick up will be available in Utah only. We will have them at the balloon release on July 27 at Olympic Park in Lehi. After that you can pick up at our home. Email me for address and date/time -

There are some kids sizes and plus sizes. There is a link to a size chart at the bottom of the page. Just as a reference, I wear an adult small and Kellen wears a large. Willow wears 3T clothes and the Youth XS was big on her - maybe for a 4 or 5 year old. Hope this gives you an idea.

Wear your shirt with pride and honor,
remembering that you represent Clark as you do.
He would want you to LIVE each day SUPER!


terri said...

LOve the shirts. I want 6 for cousins camp.
1 A large,2 A small, 3 small youth. Can Chase
bring them down This thursday? Love Gramma P

Nancy Hauck said...

Is there somewhere here in Watertown that we can get a t-shirt?

Kristin Kimble Purles said...

As of now they are all in Utah. You can order them online and I will ship them to your house. If someone is driving to SD we can send some shirts at that time.

Cole Fischer said...

Hey buddy, I was just thinking of you. I still look at your blog every morning at work looking for an update. Even though I was at your funeral it still feels like you are here. I know you are in some way, in peoples smiles, laughter, generosity, and humbleness. I miss you man....Until we meet again.