Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Serving Time

Clark had been feeling well for quite awhile when he came down with a fever yesterday. I could tell just by looking at him when he came up for breakfast that he didn't feel well. He said he had a really bad headache, his joints ached, he had a slight fever, and felt nauseous at times. He didn't want to tell anyone because he dreaded being admitted again. He had hopes of going home to South Dakota for Easter and the timing of this would not fit in his schedule. When his labs came in he was told to go immediately to the hospital for an infusion. I dropped him off and didn't even make it all the way home when he called to say they were admitting him to the Huntsman and transporting him by ambulance. Clark said that he talked to the EMT's about the game Call of Duty on the ride up. Once there, he walked himself in along side the EMT's and was mistaken for one of them when a nurse asked who they were there to pick up.

Turns out that his CMV had flared up again so they gave him lots of antibodies and several infusions. By the next morning he was feeling fine again and spent the next couple days watching TV and wishing to leave. They had to run several other tests to make sure they were negative and did an ultrasound and X-Ray of his liver. All looked great.

He served his time and four days later he was discharged. Kellen and I went to St. George for Easter and were worried about leaving Clark alone. Many stepped in to help. Of course the Bishop didn't miss a beat. He and his wife brought over meals, called and texted to check in, and even had him over with their family for Easter Supper.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blood Drive

Nicole with her two kids came down from Wyoming to donate.
The Blood Drive was a huge success. They said that people were lined up all morning long. I over heard one guy say, "This is the real deal. It's like in the movies when there's a disaster and they need blood from everyone." That's how many people were there. The Red Cross started turning people away because they were getting too back up and they ran out of supplies. Dave, along with many others, organized the drive and helped create the award named in Clark's honor that will be given to the ward with the most members to donate.

People Clark has never seen before greeted him like he was a celebrity, jumping up from their seats to shake his hand as soon as they heard his name. Clark was flattered yet overwhelmed as his humility got the best of him.

The award reads: "Clark Kimble was diagnosed with acute liver failure on July 30, 2009. Due to numerous surgeries and ongoing treatment, Clark has received over 300 units of blood or plasma. There are many "Clark Kimbles" in our world today that need this Gift of Life.

Jesus Christ has granted us this life sustaining substance and has spilled his own for the redemption of mankind. Can't we too give a little back to help those who need it the most?

Donate blood to the American Red Cross . . . Give the Gift of Life

This award is given by the Lehi Jordan Stake and the American Red Cross on behalf of Clark Kimble for the most units of blood donated by a single ward."
Click on image to enlarge.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So it's been awhile. Overall, Clark is doing great. A few exciting updates -

One of the biggest blessings in this whole experience aside from survival of course is that he has been accepted by Medicaid. Clark surpassed his $2 million lifetime maximum long, long ago. The bone marrow transplant is estimated at $500,000 and the total keeps climbing. Thankfully Medicaid is retroactive back to August 2009, and is long-term through November 2011.

Most of the preliminary testing has been done so we thought that once he was approved for Medicaid, that the BMT would soon follow. It's been over three weeks! The Huntsman says they are waiting for approval from Medicaid and hope to hear from them soon. In the meantime, he receives regular infusions of blood and platelets. Susan, Clark's home health nurse comes out every Monday and Thursday to draw labs but Clark can always tell when he needs an infusion without even knowing the numbers. His platelets have fallen down to as low as 3. He gets Petechiae all over, even on his tongue, and recently, a hematoma on his side that was quite painful. He feels so much better when he's tanked up.

Larson Towers has offered that he could come in to "work" if he feels up to it. They are behind on paper work, all of which Clark knows how to do from being crew chief. It's great for Clark because he can get out of the house, be social, productive, and stimulated.

As for how he passes his time - sleeping, playing Xbox, entertaining Willow, attending church and activities, work, sorting through bills and mail, on the phone sorting through bills, at the hospital receiving infusions, and sleeping.

We all have spring fever and are enjoying the few days of warm weather we've had. Especially Clark since he always seems to be cold. He did mention the other day that with the warm weather coming on, and spending more time outside, that means he needs to invest in some sunscreen!

The concert and the blood drive both went well and were a lot of fun. Thank you to all of you who supported us at these events. I'm waiting for pictures, then will post all about it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blood Drive

Lehi Jordan River Stake is hosting a blood drive this Saturday, March 13th, from 9-2 at the Stake Center (2300 W 300 S). This will be one of four blood drives to be held throughout this year, each being a contest between the wards for the most member's to donate. A plaque has been created in Clark's honor and will be given to each winning ward, and one to the single's ward for the last blood drive where Anita from Red Cross said the most blood was donated from anywhere she's ever worked. We have seen and continue to see the life saving blood Clark has needed throughout this whole time. Everyone is welcome to donate even if you are not a member of this stake.

Let's break that record!
See you there!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We're on The Zoo

The LiveR Die Charity Concert was noticed by one of Utah's top radio stations, 97.1, under their "Help if you can" section, and was announced on their very popular morning show, "The Morning Zoo."

Cottonmouth Clothing at Concert

Premium Skate Shirts from Utah's own
Cottonmouth Clothing Company

Originally $20
Will be sold at Muse Music at a
discounted price of $5
with all proceeds to benefit Clark.

Check out their designs at www.cottonmouthco.com.

Monday, March 1, 2010

LiveR Die Concert Giveaways!

A local charity, Power in 1,
will be giving away 50 free t-shirts to the first 50 people
at the LiveR Die Concert this Saturday!

Also, they are giving away autographed volleyballs and raffling off a basketball signed by the
BYU basketball team

If you didn't have enough reasons to go before,
now you sure do!