Friday, March 5, 2010

We're on The Zoo

The LiveR Die Charity Concert was noticed by one of Utah's top radio stations, 97.1, under their "Help if you can" section, and was announced on their very popular morning show, "The Morning Zoo."


Rhonda Jo Kimble (Clark's Mother) said...

If you want to know what it physically painful it is being 1000 miles away and not able to attend this concert. Utah, I am thankful for your support to my son. I'm crying like a baby this morning as I read this blog. I feel so disconnected since I'm so far away. I know Clark is in good hands and in good care with you good folks. I'll be anxious to hear all the fun had during the concert. Again, hugs to my nephew Dustin Groff for getting the ball rolling. I love you ALL. Rhonda Kimble (Clark's Mom), bored in South Dakota.

Kate Larson said...

It was fun Rhonda and would have been even better if you were with us!!! Miss you BIG!!!

Ann said...

Glad to hear about the extra publicity. I hope all is going well. Nathan and I are cheering for KU in March Madness ...How about you Clark?

The House that James Built said...

i so wish we could have come to support another liver friend. we went to a benefit concert in vernal, supporting our donor family. we got to hang out with them, our little boy played with their other girls. one day maybe you guys will get to know and love the family that gave that gift of life to clark. now just all this other bull crap for him to get through!! we love you and will watch out for other fundraisers, would love to meet you. have been following/linked to your blog for months. keep finding the lessons in all of this....and GOD bless you.

alpha1, liver mum

Bart said...

Long time since last comment but love all the support and great people that are behind you Clark. Keep up the good fight and hoping to get out your way soon to see you. Love ya buddy. Bart