Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blood Drive

Nicole with her two kids came down from Wyoming to donate.
The Blood Drive was a huge success. They said that people were lined up all morning long. I over heard one guy say, "This is the real deal. It's like in the movies when there's a disaster and they need blood from everyone." That's how many people were there. The Red Cross started turning people away because they were getting too back up and they ran out of supplies. Dave, along with many others, organized the drive and helped create the award named in Clark's honor that will be given to the ward with the most members to donate.

People Clark has never seen before greeted him like he was a celebrity, jumping up from their seats to shake his hand as soon as they heard his name. Clark was flattered yet overwhelmed as his humility got the best of him.

The award reads: "Clark Kimble was diagnosed with acute liver failure on July 30, 2009. Due to numerous surgeries and ongoing treatment, Clark has received over 300 units of blood or plasma. There are many "Clark Kimbles" in our world today that need this Gift of Life.

Jesus Christ has granted us this life sustaining substance and has spilled his own for the redemption of mankind. Can't we too give a little back to help those who need it the most?

Donate blood to the American Red Cross . . . Give the Gift of Life

This award is given by the Lehi Jordan Stake and the American Red Cross on behalf of Clark Kimble for the most units of blood donated by a single ward."
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Anonymous said...

I used to donate blood every 6-8 weeks, but had gotten out of habit while I was pregnant, nursing, and then just busy with kids. I started going to donate everytime the bloodmobile comes to town since Clark's surgery. Everytime I go in I tell them that I am donating because of my nephew Clark. It is AWESOME that they had to actually turn people away.

You look great in these photos Clark. Keep hanging in there. You are still in our prayers daily.

Aunt Carol

kate larson said...

How cool!!!! I have chills reading this. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude Clark. We love you!!!

Susie Stroup said...

The wording on the award is absolutely awesome!

Glad to hear things are going ok. Any word on the bone marrow transplant? What a blessing it will be when you can start making your own plasma again!

You are still in our prayers every night, & we'll keep sending them. :) Take care~ Susie

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I donated blood at the last bloodmobile in Spearville. Randy Michelle' husband always donates also in Dodge aunt nancy