Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Serving Time

Clark had been feeling well for quite awhile when he came down with a fever yesterday. I could tell just by looking at him when he came up for breakfast that he didn't feel well. He said he had a really bad headache, his joints ached, he had a slight fever, and felt nauseous at times. He didn't want to tell anyone because he dreaded being admitted again. He had hopes of going home to South Dakota for Easter and the timing of this would not fit in his schedule. When his labs came in he was told to go immediately to the hospital for an infusion. I dropped him off and didn't even make it all the way home when he called to say they were admitting him to the Huntsman and transporting him by ambulance. Clark said that he talked to the EMT's about the game Call of Duty on the ride up. Once there, he walked himself in along side the EMT's and was mistaken for one of them when a nurse asked who they were there to pick up.

Turns out that his CMV had flared up again so they gave him lots of antibodies and several infusions. By the next morning he was feeling fine again and spent the next couple days watching TV and wishing to leave. They had to run several other tests to make sure they were negative and did an ultrasound and X-Ray of his liver. All looked great.

He served his time and four days later he was discharged. Kellen and I went to St. George for Easter and were worried about leaving Clark alone. Many stepped in to help. Of course the Bishop didn't miss a beat. He and his wife brought over meals, called and texted to check in, and even had him over with their family for Easter Supper.


Stephen said...

Thank God for a conscientious bishop and other helpers. Clark, you look great in the blood drive photos.

Mills said...

You will be in our prayers tomorrow :)