Sunday, August 1, 2010

Messages Across Heaven

I think that all who participated would agree that the balloon release on Clark's birthday was very meaningful. It gave us something to do to recognize his birthday, but more so for me, the gesture of releasing a balloon with a message to Clark into the heavens was very healing. We sang "Happy Birthday", then all let go together. It was neat to see the sky fill with green balloons and I watched until they were out of sight. As we all looked on together, I overheard Kate tell her kids that when you can't see them anymore, that means that Clark got them. Clark got many heartfelt messages from all over the country today. I know there were balloons released in Washington, Colorado, Las Vegas, St. George, South Dakota, and Lehi to name a few. Our cousin, Eric, who was also Clark boss, climbed a cell tower in Wyoming and released a balloon for Clark from the top of the tower. I've thought about the people who might find our messages scattered across the country, and wish they could only know the story behind our airborne notes. I know that my family will make this a tradition, sending balloon messages to heaven each year on Clark's birthday. Thank you Kate for the idea and for providing the balloons for our Utah release. Thank you too all the others who honored Clark on this day in any way you did, balloons, wearing your Super Clark shirt, thoughts, and prayers. Clark was and is well loved.

Ryan and Becky in Minnesota

At Clark's graveside in Watertown, SD.
I'm sure Hemi misses Clark more than we know.

The Utah release.

St. George, UT release.(If you have pictures you would like to share you can still email them to me and I would love to post them. Thanks!

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Kellen Purles said...

Miss you brother. Hope they let you watch ESPN and TNT up there. Your boy Lebron defected to Miami with Wade and Bosh. Should be a pretty interesting season. I'll sure miss watchin' games with you. Take care brother.