Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Clark Shirts

Today would have been Clark's 1st birthday. He said he had two birthdays, referring to the date of his liver transplant on Aug 6, 2009. So much has happened since then, only one year ago.

Many people across the country are now sporting the "SC" and a message to Live Super. If you haven't gotten your Super Clark shirt yet, we still have some. You can order through Paypal, mail me a check, or email me for pick up (

I love wearing my shirt and especially love when I get asked by strangers what it means. My favorite part is the back, "LIVE SUPER" although it makes me sad because it was originally designed with "SAVE SUPER CLARK." My mother-in-law hosts a cousin camp every summer and this year their theme was "Live Super." They wore their SC shirts as a group and everywhere they went, people stopped them with questions. The kids were so excited to tell them about Clark. My cousin's little boy, Carter, came up to me on Sunday and said, "When I got my Clark shirt, I wore it for three days."

If you order 4 or more shirts I've been throwing in a few extra because shipping is less. Do not add extra to your cart because you will be charged for it. You can let me know what extra size you want by clicking "Add special instructions to the seller" on the left of the "Review your payment" page, or I will just throw in another of what you already ordered.


Gramma Purles said...

We drew a lot of attention with our "Live Super" Super Clark Tee-shirts. Live Super was our theme for cousins camp. We told people we were wearing these shirts in memory of
a brave young man who went through so much, so well, and then was finally released from the suffering.

Whenever there was a problem with the way we were treating each other we'd say,"Hey, remember, we treat each other better than that - we Live Super!!" It helped us do better. Thank you Clark. Thank you Kellen and Kristin for the great Tee Shirts!

The kids wanted to wear their Tee-shirts everyday, everywhere and we did.

Stacee McConnell said...

I got my "superclark" shirt! Made my day! I miss you!