Friday, August 14, 2009


Nope! No one has hacked into Clark's Facebook account, or stolen his phone. When we were here yesterday I asked him if he gets bored. He nodded his head yes. I asked if he wanted me to bring anything for him to do. He shrugged as if to say 'I can't do much'. I told him to think about it and let us know. Before we left for the night he requested a deck of cards, a computer, and his phone. Your wish is our command! He was already texting last night and as soon as we arrived this morning he wanted the computer. He looked at the blog and jumped on Facebook. It's been good for him to reconnect with the world and friends. I think he's a little surprised at what a celebrity he has become in his absence. Don't be surprised if you here from him. Maybe we can even get him to write a post in a couple days.

Tomorrow they will clean and flush his belly right in his room and he will take the tube out by late morning. They hope to get the swelling down enough to close him up by the middle of next week.
Clark called Mom back to his room when Dr Hutson made his rounds. Clark was anxious to know if he would be able to go to SD for Grandpa's 100th birthday celebration the end of this month. No way! No how! Dr. Hutson said Clark could come stay at his house and as long as Clark doesn't touch his gorgeous 18 year old daughter, he would take care of him while we're gone.
Karla made her first visit to the hospital
since she is in town from St. George.
Preston, Karla, Carter, Cortlyn, and Kate.

The Taylor family payed us a surprise visit from South Dakota.

Kim (6 months pregnant), Pam, Greg, and Stacey


Eric & Kate said...

HURRAY for the tube coming out. I bet this could be one of Clark's most exciting moments so far. I love ALL the positive progress! You looked GREAT today, keep up the good work!!!

Jared.Sutton said...

Hey Clark. Now that I see you can use the computer, I just figured I'd say hello and tell you that I am praying and pulling for you. I had a funny thought the other night as I was reading your blog--Do you remember back in 5th grade for when we had to do that play called "The Half Boys of Borneo" and you and I had the lead roles of siamese twins? Ha ha. It seems like we had our feet bound together with a rope and we kept tripping all over the place. Funny stuff. Then I also remember you making that workout video where it showed how your workouts would make your muscles bigger. You had video footage of all of your brothers in sequence, from youngest to oldest, all the way up to Ryan to show how big you could get on your training program. That was really funny too. Well, hopefully some of that can make you smile through all of this. God bless you man. Keep fighting.

Jared Sutton

Anonymous said...

I am writing to let Clark know we have been praying for him here in Tucson, AZ. My name is Toni Ortlinghaus and I am Karla Steck's Cousin from the Trover side. Been reading the progress on the blog. WOW!!!!! God Bless all of you and the family! Will keep praying!

Karla said...

Clark ~ Great to see with my own eyes how well you are doing and what a wonderful medical staff you have.

Today is gonna be a really good day when you lose some of those tubes, and start walking and terrorizing the hallways.

Good to throw a big hug on Rhonda, Kristin and family too, and to see how great the U of U looks. I love this family!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Clark:

You are so beautiful to me! I love seeing the whites (not yellows)of your handsome eyes and the life and hope that is now evident in your face.

I feel a hundred pounds of stress and grief being lifted off my heart, and I'm breathing easier now because of your progress. I am so grateful to The Lord, your medical team and nursing staff, Rhonda and Kristin, and all other family members and friends who have visited you, written to you, and united in earnest prayers for your life and health.

It's a good day for all of us, and especially for our Super Clark! I'm so proud of you and happy for you.

With elation and love,


KSGirl said...


It is great to see you reconnecting! Hopefully by now you have that tube out and are one step closer to being "wireless". After reading the numbers below, I have to ask... besides being Super Clark, are you the million dollar man as well? You are worth every penny and a million more!

Still praying for you every day.


Susi said...

Well Clark, I s'pose that since you're continueing to recover and regain your strength that I'd better start watching my "P's and Q's" on my comments. Nah! On second thought..........

I truly am so thankful that they'll be removing that tube. I'm assuming that means that ice chips will follow soon after. I can only imagine how refreshing that will feel to you. Isn't it incredible how something as simple as water can be so exhilerating? There's a lesson for all of us there, huh! I'll be anxious to hear what your "first words" are. This is like a re-birth for you, so these first words will be at least as exciting for mom to hear as those you spoke when you were a child. (Now remember my earlier comment...Adriann's first ones were "shut up, mom"...let's see if you can improve upon that!! lol!)

It's a warm, rainy, lazy day in SD. Wish you were here.......

BJ Bolton said...

I just have to say, after seeing that clark has his phone, I had to send him a text message...and wow, that was a great deal of anticipation waiting for him (not saying ur slow bud, i was just pumped) and never realized how quick I can jump to my phone when it goes off. Thanks for taking the time clark, I will keep buggin more now as I have 2 ways to get at u. :)

Susi said...

Hmmmm...I see where I rate. BJ never jumps to his phone for ME!! In fact, I just called him an hour ago and, jumping...nada...;)