Saturday, August 8, 2009

Break Before the Awakening

I know you all have been waiting for an update about Clark. We haven't had a lot to tell since the last blog update because Clark is still heavily sedated and holding his own. The Drs. are very satisfied with Clark's post-op conditions, and we are too. In fact, they did an ultrasound of the liver yesterday and found it wasn't necessary to do the surgery originally planned. Visitation is limited to immediate family only, no pictures allowed until he wakes up. We have taken time to hang out with family since Clark is in such good hands and there is little we can do with Clark at this time. Weekends are slow so doubtful we will have much contact with the transplant team. We appreciate you staying in touch with the blog, but know it will be slow updating until we start getting response from Clark, which we hope will be by Monday. Won't it be exciting to see him with no tubes and his eyes open? I can't wait! For now, no news is good news. Keep praying for his recovery, we know it helps.


Susi said...

Fantastic!! We'll take "boring and quiet" since that's a good thing for now. Take advantage of it because I'm sure you all won't be able peel yourself away from his side once those brown eyes open. We love you all!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time together! Continued thoughts and prayers for Clark's recovery.

The Likness's

Marilyn said...

More good news! I am so glad you are all together, enjoy your time with the family. We will continue our prayers for Clark and all of you. Thank you so much for these updates.
Love, Jim and Marilyn Fronk

Anonymous said...

ENJOY your time with your family
No news is good news.


Karla said...

Updates appreciated! Everything is happening just right!

By the way, this song is my new FAVORITE. I leave it on my laptop all day long ;-)

Enjoy the family, and I can just see you all in church tomorrow, talk about a PRAISE filled sanctuary!!!

Can't get the smile off my face, and still awestruck by the Multiple Miracles.


Linda said...

As I look at the computer and find no message this morning the Lord give Clark new healing powers and you all had some need rest. Glad Dave and boys got thereto be with you.Love Mom Morris