Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Yesterday I Was Betty, Today I'm Mom"

Yesterday we visited with a young man named Gordon, he is a liver transplant recipient. He may look older but he is only 17 months old. He told us his story, we were deeply touched. In time he was able to actually meet the mother of the donor who saved his life. Her name was Betty. As they came face to face he said to her, "you must be Betty". She replied, "yesterday I was Betty, today I'm mom". To this day, he still shed a tear as we grew from that simple statement.

I have decided that my new office in Utah is equipped with no lights, no desk or chair, no phones, but I lay awake comfortably in a bed and spiritually have a direct contact with many people, include our Savior. I have also experience a battle with Satan one night (too personal to share) as he tried to grasp my soul into despair. Sleeping is a rare comfort during the night these past several days. I woke up at 3:45 AM. The words Gordon shared with us yesterday, echoed loudly in my mind. Hey, I wasn't Clark's only mother anymore! Clark has been given life again. I will forever share this role graciously and will look forward to meeting her someday and pray we will rejoice in "a gift, and a life".

HELPLESS - defined as: unable to help oneself; weak or dependent. That is what I felt like yesterday as we waited for a liver to be donated. From the moment we walked into the hospital yesterday till the time Cate told me a liver had been located, I have never felt more helpless. The clock kept ticking. I was informed from Drs. a couple of times that Clark's condition was failing and we had only hours for our prayers to be answered. Not all the money in the world could buy Clark a liver, medically there was no replica of the liver we could obtain, and I couldn't purchase time either. The countenance of the staff and the speed in which they acted made me realize there wasn't much time left. Desperate and helpless, I begged God to HELP. He took us to the very last hours and humbled us to our knees as we pleaded for HIS miracle. The Lord is busy answering many prayers. He held Clark in his hand while other people like us needed his blessings before ours. Perhaps the donor family just needed more time with their loved one. In a recent blessing given to Clark at the onset of his liver failure, he was told "you will suffer little compared to the suffering the Savior did for us". In the last hours before Clark was put in a coma, he was sooo thirsty but he was restricted from water. I'm reminded when Jesus was on the cross and said, "I thirst" and he was spit at into his face. I do know Clark has suffered and will continue to suffer in many days to come. I also know it is nothing compared to what our Savior did for us.

We face today strong. We are confident that Clark will make it through this transplant. We accept the ups and downs we might face. Into the hands of the surgeon and our Lord we give him.

Clark I LOVE YOU. You have pleased me in many ways through out our entire life together. You have faced this world dressed in confidence and strength. You have been patient in your suffering. You have not complained about nor demanded comfort yet I know you silently worried. You have always wanted to succeed in all you do and I know you want to succeed today. Clark, you too are helpless but I want you to know you are in good hands. The waiting room will be full of loved ones praying for your welfare. We are certain that the medical staff will do all they can for you. You must continue with the attitude you started with. Stay positive Clark, keep fighting! You have much work yet to do Clark and today you will be given life again. Without this liver you would have died. Don't give up! With my deepest love for you Clark,
Love Mom. THAT’S MY BOY!


Eric & Kate said...

I love the Betty story...what a neat way to start the day. As sad and hard as this last 10 days have been, I am amazed at all the of the positive things, happy things, and lessons that have come from it!
Clark, in the years that i've known you, you have been loved by all. You now hold a much more special place in my and many more people's hearts. WE LOVE YOU!

eric & Kate said...

I had another thought.....
Clark, your trial has and will continue to make Eric, myself & the kids a much stronger, closer family in many ways. We thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Clark. We're praying for you. And Rhonda we're praying for you too. I can't imagine the emotions of being so close to losing your son and seeing his condition worsening. It just makes you realize how fragile life is and to appreciate every blessing and every moment you have with your loved ones. Best wishes today as you move forward with the transplant.
Love you,
Sandy and Aaron Larson
Bluffdale, Utah

Karla said...

Rhonda... I am so humbled by your faith and your words, and the comments of my sweet daughter Kate above.

In the wake of this terribly unfortunate event, I have been witness to countless miracles, and witnessed a level of faith, family and trust that words cannot describe. Everyones words and attitudes have have been beyond inspiring. What beautiful lessons of faith and family. I feel blessed beyond words, and am filled with gratitude for this blog and strength.

Today is Clarks new birthday, and may the Lord bless Clark and give him strength and may He guide the surgeons today and bring peace to the donor family for this gift that no amount of money can buy. Amazing!!!

Love and gratitude,

solumca said...

I love that story Rhonda! He has a big heart and a bigger will to live. As he starts his surgery this very moment, i feel confident that he will pull through this. As long as ive known Clark, hes always cared more about other people than himself... and now the tables have turned... we all care for him much more than we do ourselves. God works in mysterious ways, but through this experience has made me grateful for the things i do have rather than envy the things i dont. It has been a rough month for me but it could have been much worse. When Clark gets out of surgery and is on his way to recovery, i am hoping to make it out there to see him. I know a lot of people want to so i will give it some time. Hang in there and keep praying for everything to go smoothly. God bless you, Much love.

Claudia Mills said...

Dearest Rhonda & family, As I was reading your precious words this morning, I wept as Jesus wept. It sent me right back to when our beloved Teresa went to be with our Lord.I called Jennifer & prayed with her for you & the doner, doctors & the many people that are in prayer for you. I am praying for a miracle.I love all of y ou so much.
Blessings & love to you.

Bobby said...
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Bobby said...
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Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

Drop A Dub!

Clark you have been my best friend since I was 8 years old and I plan on being yours until you're 88 years old, there are few people on this planet who have the strength to get through what your going through, many people would have given up. You are at the last hurdle and I know you can get over it.

P.S. I felt that for a best friend giving blood wasn't good enough for me, I'm very confident you will pull through as well, so I decided I'm flying out tomorrow and i already bought my ticket so no one will talk me out of it. I had a crazy dream last night too, I will tell you about it when I see you.

Assassins Creed I'm Out

Robert Konrady

Cheryl Huntington said...

Dear Clark, Rhonda, Kristin, and the Unknown Donor and the Family of the Giver of Life:

In honor of the selfless donors and their families, I have started a file which I call "Tribute to Organ Donors."

I would like to share the writings of family members: one, a grieving husband whose wife was a donor; and the other, that of a sibling of a brother who was killed in a motorcycle accident. You can read fuller accounts by going to the website.

Marie Elsenpeter
Organ donor
1949 — 2008

My Sweet Marie..... Sept 26, 2008

It is with heavy heart, a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes that I have to inform you that my Loving Wife Marie has passed away today. She is now resting in peace in the hands of the Lord. As a committed organ donor, they are now preparing to harvest Marie's healthy heart, liver, kidneys, and tissue to save as many as 8 other living souls.

Al Alibocas
Organ Donor
May 4th 1974 - March 4th 2001.

The donation of his tissue saved the lives of many people to include a baby that was severely burnt in a fire. The tragic motor cycle accident that took his life made it possible for others to live. Even though we don't know who the recipients are, Our family finds comfort in knowing he lives through the lives of those he saved. My Brother is a "True Angel". RIDE ON

I am so grateful to the unknown donor and his/her family for their selfless gift of life to you, Clark. You are receiving that donor gift via transplant as I write. May The Lord be with you and each member of the surgical staff at this critical time.

My prayers of comfort, appreciation, and love ascend in respect and honor of the donor and the donor's family.

My prayers for quick and permanent healing and a renewed life full of health and dedication to The Lord ascend for you, Clark.

My prayers of adoration, praise and gratitude for His miraculous provision and benevolent mercy ascend to Heavenly Father.



Anonymous said...

Rhonda and all of the Kimble Family. Our prayers are with all of you. May your deep faith help you through this very diffucult time.


The Veeders