Monday, August 17, 2009

Restricted Visitations Include Immediate Family Too

On Sunday morning, before Dave, Huxley, and Dylan headed back to SD, we all stopped at the hospital so they could say their good byes before hitting the road. The nurse pulled me to the side and said they were very concerned about Clark's white blood cell count as it was dropping even more. Visitation from relatives and friends had already been stopped and now visitation from even immediate family was limited to once a day until further notice.

I received the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night, from the hospital at 1:45 AM Monday. I tossed out of bed to grab my phone and it was explained to me that it was necessary to take Clark into surgery right away. I wasn't comprehending what they explained but knew it was important. Shortly after 4:oo AM I was informed that the surgery went well. Clark had been running a fever, was sweaty, pain level was 10 out of 10, his heart rate was increasing and they needed to take care of it right away. In surgery they found another tear in his intestines that they repaired then flushed the area with 5 liters of saline. This fluid that was leaking really eats things up so flushing it out helps a great deal. His heart rate was coming back down and things looked okay for now. Of course he was put back on the respirator again (necessary for any surgery) but they hope to wean him off it later today. Before surgery they explained to Clark that they would have to reinsert the tubes from the respirator and he told them he didn't care, anything to stop the pain if surgery would help.

I questioned if this tear and leakage was a reason the white blood cell count was so low and they said no. Whenever they do a transplant they give high doses of anti rejection medicine which depletes the immune system. They are giving him some medication to try to counter act it and bring up his white blood cell count, but it may take a few days to react.

Back to bed! Good night.


jenen said...

Clark, Just wanted to let you know that the kids were praying for you last night. They wish you a speedy recovery. We all pray for you everynight, We wish you well and know God has a plan for you. You have A strong gene in you, It is of the Larson gene. Everybody knows that this is a unique, strong, never to give up, always perservering and we all know You will fight each and every obsticle that is thrown your way. We are with you each day and night not know your pain, but giving you stregnth from a far. We send you our love. The Larson's in South Dakota

Taylor Gardner said...

I guess there are ups and downs along any road, but what relief to realize that it's mostly up--with some set backs along the way. I'm sorry you are suffering, Clark. We pray for you every day and you have regularly become included in the prayers of many of our friends who have never met you. It's got to be so tiring going through all you are, but you are such a trooper and I really admire your positive, even funny, attitude through it all. Stay strong cause you're on the mend!

Anonymous said...

It breaks Eric, I and even our kids hearts to know that you are in any pain at all, let alone the worst pain. At this point if we could take it from you for even just awhile...we would do that willingly! Hang in there Clark, you're AMAZING...WE LOVE YOU TO NO END!!!

Eric & Kate said...

It breaks Eric, I and the kids hearts to know that you are in any pain, let alone the worst pain. At this point if we could take that pain away from you for even just ahwile...we would do that willingly! Hang in there Clark, you're AMZING...WE LOVE YOU TO NO END!!!

solumca said...

Wow, Clark you are strong! Surgery after surgery and your still in such a positive mood. Hurry and get better so i can come visit you! *hugz* We are all still praying for your full recovery and cant wait until you get to leave the hospital! Im sure you cant wait either! Much love!

Bart said...

Clark, you are for sure A Super Man to go through so much. Keep on fighting hard, your making progress all the time. Wish I was there but this is the next best thing. Remember keep up the good fight. Love ya Bart

Austin said...

Seems like the roller coaster ride continues. As Taylor said, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Keep it up, Clark!

Anonymous said...

Hope surgery went well this morning. Thinking and praying for you!
The Likness's

Karla said...

Ahhha, I got in just under the wire, and Nurse Judy let me in even though I wasn't immediate family! I'm gratefuly for the time to visit.

Thanks Clark, and so sorry you had to endure #10 pain, but so glad they acted fast, and fixed you up again!

You are so tough Clark. Keep up the good work and there's a 6-pack of Ensure on me comin your way!

Best thoughts, and ongoing prayers,

Michelle and Robert Steen said...

Clark - Robert and I wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for you. You are so strong and it is so awsome to see the amazing attitude of you and your family. We read your blog everyday, and are praying for a fast and healthy recovery.
Thinking of you....

Robert and Michelle Steen
Harrisburg, SD

Cheryl Huntington said...

Dear Clark:

No one in our family has ever gone through all that you are going through right now. I can't even imagine it, and I, myself, have had just 8 surgeries! I feel empathy for you and deep respect for your bravery, humility, and faith.

I continue to pray for you night and day, Clark. Even though you cannot currently have family members in your room, please know that you are not alone: a vast but invisible army of concerned people are surrounding you with our love and encouragement. You are on our minds and in our hearts constantly, and our lips speak your name numerous times each day as we hold you up in prayer.

Strength and healing and power be upon you, Clark!

I love you!