Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blood Donations Help

Here is how the blood donated in Clark's name helps. I know many have wondered and yesterday we got answers. The initial cost of a liver transplant is $250,000.00, that includes 3 liters of blood. Any blood products needed over that is charged to Clark at 100%. The 3 liters of blood will be taken off Clark's bill due to the many donations given in his name. Thank You! It also helps so many other people who are in need of blood for various reasons. We truly appreciate those who have already donated and ask those out there yet, who can donate blood, please do so.

During surgery, Clark used 50 units of blood. Isn't that unbelievable?

Clark is a true believer in making donations. He along with Kristin, have donated plasma for many years. They both carry a big scar in their veins that they proudly wear. For those out there that are looking for a way to earn a little extra money, consider becoming a plasma donor as you are paid for it.


solumca said...

Ive donated so much plasma when i was in college! Not a hard thing to do, i almost found it better than donating blood as I got to catch up on my homework! And I too have a nice scar on my right arm from the many donations i have made. BUT it does make me proud to know that i was helping someone and maybe saved their life. I plan on heading to DQ for lunch, not that i need the ice cream but its going to a good cause. There are a lot of people that are planning on making donations to help Clark out, and I sure am one of those people! Glad to see the GREAT progress Clark! Still prayin for you every day and hopefully you will be talking again soon! We want stories! :) Much love

Melissa Roby said...

I would encourage everyone to donate blood and plasma. I use to donate in high school and college, but found out last fall I have Anemia so I am unable to give any more. It is such a great gift that can benefit so many people in so many ways!! Clark, you are doing wonderful! Keep the persistence and determination going! My thoughts are with you! :)

Anonymous said...

i know i wrote this in a previous comment. Is there anyway we can help Clark with the medical bills? I can not donate blood at this time and i would love to help out in some way. Let us know if there is a fundraiser we can do back in SD that could help Clark out. =)

Tanizha Lauseng

Jill(Howey)Maas said...

I can donate blood but the closest blood bank here is the one I worked for lol! I am a firm believer in donation blood, plasma, double red cells! I have personally seen and met many many people that if this werent available would have lost their lives! I do however want to know if I donate with our local blood bank can it still be credited towards Clarks? Or do I need to go to a town where they have a red cross?? Thanks again! and God bless you Clark! I am praying that you make it home soon! and I hope you feel much much better!

Mills said...
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Anonymous said...

Would it be better to send personal $$ gifts rather than putting it towards medicals bills that way you may "wish do to as you please" without paying taxes for the medical donation?
Is it too late to donate blood for Clark's name?