Friday, August 7, 2009

Even A Hero Needs His Family

We rested a little better last night after our celebration, knowing that we are over a big hump in this whole process. With excitement, we rushed to the hospital this morning to see Clark for the first time since surgery. Clark looked good. He is still in a coma and was chemically paralyzed to prevent any reflex movement that might harm him. We were warned that he would be very puffy because of the fluid build up and we noticed this mostly in his hands, feet, and neck. The transplant was completed late last night but he was left open, vacuum packed, for easy access and assessment. He will probably go back to the operating room today, which is common. His insides are so swelled with fluid that they couldn’t sew him up if they wanted to. It will take several days for the body to work this all out so they will drain and clean the area a few times a day. We aren’t allowed to take pictures but he is full of tubes and cords, and machines surround his bed. He still has the bolt in his head to monitor brain pressure. However, they haven’t had to give him anything to regulate it because he is doing well on his own. One of the surgical doctors said that Clark is doing everything they want him to do. We are anxious to talk to the transplant team today for more details about the operation last night and what to expect in the days to follow.

The rest of the family has arrived from South Dakota within the last couple hours. They are taking turns visiting Clark now. How comforting to have all the family together!

The Great American Race to Utah - Tonto VS Poke-a-hontas
Team Tonto (always in a hurry) arrived first after leaving 3 hrs behind Team Poke-a-hontas
Dave, Myls, and Wyatt

Team Poke-a hontas
Ryan, Bjorn, Fletcher, and Bart Moeller


Susi said...

I'm so thankful that you are all together once again. I have no doubt that Clark can sense that, as well, and is somehow comforted. Our prayers continue to rise up for Clark and for all of you.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! Praying for Clark and Family in Watertown, SD

Elliot said...

I'm glad to hear the operation went well and am continuing to pray for Clark's recovery.

Can we come visit later today or do they not want visitors yet?

Carson said...

It's great to hear that he is doing well on his own. I have been thinking about Clark all night and have checked the blog so many times this morning that Google has blocked my computer form accessing the blog. I am currently going through a proxy server in Canada to trick them into thinking it's not me! I'm glad the family is able to be out there. I really wish I could be there too. I'm excited to see everyone at Grandpa's 100th Birthday Party, and pray that Clark will have recovered well enough to be able to make it.

Mama said...

This is great news!!! I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers!

Sheri said...

Super Fantastic! What a tremendous gift to you all, to have Clark be doing so well and to have the rest of your family there with you. I will continue to say prays and keep you all in my thoughts..Stay strong, lean on each other, your faith in God and know your freinds back home are sending all our love.

Anonymous said...

Sending love from Watertown

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
BEAUTIFUL... just beautiful. I can't get that song out of my head and my toe won't quit tapping.

I followed Clark's progress constantly last nite. I just kept watching and praying along w/ everyone else and knew that that liver would find a new home. I have to admit, I did take a break to walk the dog and I dont even have a dog! ha

The Good Lord is watching over you all. And you keep celebrating those victories. And now we concentrate on Clark's recovery. Let's go - Big Guy!

Big Hug and Lotsa Love,

Cher Bisson

Kelsey L said...

So happy to hear the news...keep up the good work Clark! Continued thoughts and prayers for you all!

Char Meyer (Wisconsin) said...

Hi Rhonda and the Kimble family, My prayer's are with each & everyone of you, So happy to hear the new's that the surgery went well, I'll continue to pray for you and your family, GOD Bless!!
Char Meyer ( Rhonda's old co~worker from The Other Place)

Karla said...

I just love family reunions! I know some of these guys. Hi Wyatt, Hi Myles. Good to see you all. Hi "other" brothers! Wake up Clark, your "FAM" has arrived.

Love hearing the medical updates, and look forward to more news as Clark progresses and comes back to us. He's gonna be so surprised to see everyone, read the incredible outpouring of friends, family and strangers, and to realize he lost a few days. Oh and he has a new BIRTH DAY. Wow!

I am still so humbled by the prayers, love and rallying that has taken place. Very moving.

They always say you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when this or that happened. I will never forget these last several days. This has been a life changing event for more than just Clark and family. It is seldom that we get to witness a TRUE MIRACLE in our life time and to see so many people come together spiritually to speak HIS name and claim victory, oh and of course a bonus to see the Happy Liver Dance!

Love and Gratitude,

Caleb said...

Very very good news. Still wishing the best and praying for Clark from me Blaine Jennifer and the kids.

Mom Morris said...

As I look at the computer and find no message this morning the Lord give Clark new healing powers and you all had some needed rest. Glad Dave and boys got there to be with you.Love Mom Morris

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Dylan's granny Sue. I am so thankful for the good reports and I'm praying for Clark's recovery. This has gripped my heart and I'm so impressed with the blog. Great Job.

Praying for all of you! Praise God for the great things He has done!!!