Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Bolt

We just received a call from the doctors saying that it is urgently necessary that they insert the bolt into Clark's brain. This will monitor the pressure on the brain and they can control it medically. We still wait patiently but anxiously. Time is of the essence.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. this is a very hard time and i hope and pray he pulls through.

Carson said...

We're all praying for you Clark! We've got your name on the prayer roll with about twenty temples out here in the midwest. Everyone here at work is praying for you and they even have their friends praying too. I wish we could be out there and do more to help. We love you and can't wait to see you once you're better.

P.S. I've decided that Spider-man better watch out because your Super Hero Metamorphosis is way more intense than his.!

Regina said...

Stay Strong

Karla said...

Clark ~

My boss here in St. George just now went to donate blood in your name. Hang in there SuperClark. You are loved and being fervently prayed for.

Kristin you are an Angel. Rhonda... I am doing the MOM praying (double strength)!!!

Love and Best Thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Rest now, dear Clark, and let God work his miracles to find you the perfect liver. Then you will need your superhero powers to help you through recovery. Stay strong, Kimble family! You are all in my prayers. Love you!!

Kathy Tesch said...

I just heard about Clarks situation, he is in our prayers. Rhonda, you and your family are also in our prayers. I pray that you will have the peace and strength to get through these challenging times.
God Bless!