Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quality Time With Clark

A couple days ago when Clark's pain level was at 10, he sent me a text to ask his Bishop from church to come give him a blessing for the pain and to soon be closed. Upon first entering Clark's room, I stood beside Clark's bed and he stared at me as if he wanted to tell me something, then folded his hands across the top of his head. I thought he was gesturing that the hole where the bolt had been was healing. He shook his head no and then typed out "blessing", I replied, "you want another blessing"? He again shook his head no. They typed out, "in the blessing it said I would be blessed to rest and tolerate the pain", then he smiled and typed all he has done is sleep the past couple days. We nodded to each other in agreement that the Lord has comforted him to sleep well recently and was so very thankful for Bishop Sampson and Eric Bischke for taking time in their day to administer this blessing upon Clark. I was able to keep Clark awake for about 3 hours straight. I read several comments from the blog to him, he continues to be amazed with all the support and prayers his receives. I thought he might be getting tired from me reading so much to him and asked if we should read more of his blog later? He gestured with his hands for me to keep them coming. He typed to me that the doc said "if his mom would rub his feet and massage his legs back and forth it would help with the swelling still in his feet". I said that one of those single nurses should be doing that. He shook his head no and pointed at me. I was thrilled to assist. I had such a great day with Clark yesterday!

Clark is scheduled for surgery again at 2PM today. This time they plan to sew a Velcro strip to each side of his belly. This will allow them to pull the skins closer and closer together as the swelling reduces daily. Once the skins get close enough to stitch together, the Velcro will be removed and then finally sutured closed. Because Clark's white blood cell count has been extremely low the past several days, they are also going to do a "bone marrow biopsy" today. They expected that it should have been going up by now so they are looking for answers "why". They will do this while he is in surgery. They will enter into his hip and remove marrow. Some results will be back within 24 hours, other results will not be available for 10 days. One cause for this depletion of white blood cells could be medication and we are certainly hoping that will be the case with Clark and not something else new that we will face. We are also hoping they take the breathing tube out of his mouth today and we can again talk to each other. It was such a joy to hear his voice a few days ago even though it was weak and words minimal.

Clark has "thrush" on his tongue from all the medication. So not only is he very thirsty but a thick coating houses over his tongue almost making it hard to open his mouth. When he can open it, it looks like a taffy factory with taffy being stretched across the opening. I told him he probably doesn't know what food even tastes like by now its been so long since he ate. He shook his head no and pointed at the TV meaning he is watching all the food commercials on TV. I then asked him what he was most hungry for. He said, "the two for one steaks at Applebee's". He always orders that same meal when we have eaten there before. I'll be happy to take him to dinner at Applebee's when he is up to it.


Karla said...

Thanks so much for sharing the first chapters of Clarks life. Even though I know the stories from years of working with Clark and at times some of his brothers, it is heartwarming to hear it in chronological order from a Mom's view.

Clark has accomplished more in his 24 years than most, and I see more astounding accomplishments in his future. He will continue to move onward and upward because it is in his nature and in his genes, and I just know that he has the opportunity to make a huge contribution to other young people who may travel this transplant road in the future. He will be a "flashing beacon" to them.

Keep getting better and better Clark and finish this project just like you CREW CHIEF a tower project! Just knock it out and get on home.

Rhonda, thank you for your words and the sharing of your faith. Inspirational!!!

Thursday Love and Gratitude,

Anonymous said...

What an amazing person you are and what a wonderful, loving family you have been blessed with. This blog gives me goose bumps every time I read it! I can feel the love your family has for each other in the words that they write. I will continue to pray for your recovery. Remain positive, not only do you have your family who cares for you but now thousands of followers who feel like part of your wonderful family.

Ron Gullickson said...

I have hears from my Bishop who had to get a bone marrow biopsy and said they are extremely painful. I am glad to hear that they are doing it while he is under, b/c normally they do it while you are conscious. I hope that the Dr.s will be able to find out why his white blood count is so low. My prayers are for him and his family and friends who have been there by his side.

Ron Gullickson

Bart said...

Clark, I started back at school today and all at Jefferson are very interested in how things are going for you. They say they are thinking and praying for you. I am glad to see things are improving and also understand there are things that still need some healing. But being SUPER CLARK I know you will come through with flying colors. Keep up the good fight Clark. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love ya Buddy Bart

Eric & Kate said...

I'm thinking nothing but good, positive toughts for your bone marrow biopsy.

Jena Bracht said...

Thinking of you Clark - and keeping up with your blog every day! I am so glad that you are recovering, slowly but surely. Just know that if God brings you to it he will bring you through it. Stay strong, keep pulling through!!

Anonymous said...

Clark, you are an amazing person! Once again just want you and your wonderful family to know that we are praying for your recovery and for restful nights and peaceful days! Can't wait to read this blog and find out how things are going tomorrow!
Love and Prayers from Sioux Falls!
Megan (Simley) Johnson and Pete Johnson

JoLynne said...


It is so encouraging to see all the interaction you have had lately with your mom and Kristin. We are so thankful for this site as I read it at my house every morning and night then I print it out for mom and take it to her. She enjoys reading Rhonda's beautiful writing. (I think she has a knack there!)

Spencer said he saw Huxley riding his 4-wheeler today at home. I'm sure Grandma Lois will keep an eye on him:)

We continue to think about you every day and pray for your healing. This has been the ultimate test of patience. God does work miracles and this will be one we all will be blessed with.

I wish we could go to your grandpa's party but Marty is in a wedding that day. That's cool your grandpa plays accordian. My mom does, too. If she makes it to the party I think they should have your grandpa and her play together;) Lois' specialty is the Beer Barrell Polka!!!

We send you many blessings and we will continue to pray for your healing! God bless you and your family-

JoLynne, Dick and Lois

Janeanne said...

Clark and family,
Brad and I check your blog several times each day. If there's a new post we call each other to share the news. Checking in on you is part of our daily routines.

Everyday I'd like say hello, but feel as if I'm repeating the same words over and over. There are only so many ways to say "we're thinking of you and praying for your recovery". (And we are!)

So, here's the deal. If you don't mind, I'd like to share short inspirational quotes to offer encouragement and brighten your day. Behind every quote, know that I am also saying..."We love you and will be right here cheering you on every step of the way."

(If anyone else feels the same way, feel free to jump on the bandwagon.)

Today's Quote:

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake." Victor Hugo

Glad to know you've been able to get some good rest the past few days.

Janeanne said...

Hey everyone.....Let's have some fun by answering the question below. I bet Clark will get a kick out of it.

"If Clark were an animal, which of these 5 animals would he be and why?"


My Answer: Bear
Clark IS cute and cuddly, like a Teddy bear. But that IS NOT the reason behind my choice. Clark is a bear because when he lived with Eric and Boyd in West Valley, their house always looked like a campground that had been ransacked by bears. (All three of them (and Myles too) were bears!) Clothes, dirty dishes, papers, sporting goods, you name it....scattered everywhere!

Every man can change his ways. If you haven't changed yet Clark, don't worry, one of these days some woman will help you!