Thursday, May 27, 2010

Re Re Re Re Admitted

We have all been on the edge of our seats with nerves putting cramps in our stomachs and flutters in our hearts as we anxiously await an answer. I held my breath as I listen to the message left on Clark's phone from the Huntsman Center. Just another update. Due to the length of Dr. H's spewing, the disadvantage of Clark's doctor's having to leave the hearing early, and that one of his key doctors wasn't there, the judge asked the doctors to write a letter on Clark's behalf. She called the Huntsman yesterday to let them know that she had received the letters and would make her decision as soon as possible. There's only a few hours left in today's work day, government offices are not in on Fridays, and Monday is a holiday. So if we don't hear in the next couple hours, we're looking at middle of next week. That's THREE WEEKS! I do feel that her asking for the letters is to Clark's advantage because they will be the freshest on her mind. The coordinator at the Huntsman said they were very compelling letters so maybe they will play on emotion more than medical numbers and figures. We have asked for a copy of the letters and are wanting to read them ourselves. Clark has won the hearts of the staff at all three hospitals he frequents and they have told me that they are also anxiously awaiting an answer.

When I took Clark up to the Huntsman yesterday to have his eye checked out I didn't think I'd be coming home without him again. Ha, I just realized I'm letting you know he was readmitted and didn't even have time to tell you he was released. He made it three days this time. He was discharged on Sunday afternoon and readmitted Wednesday afternoon. I took him up for an appointment and was wandering the halls with the kids while he went back. After an hour or so I saw two nurses pushing someone out in a wheelchair. He was hunched over in the chair, all wrapped up in a blanket and hooked up to IVs. I thought, "Oh, that poor guy is not doing too well." My heart fell into my stomach when I realized it was Clark.

He has been waking with a fever every morning which goes away after a few hours but because of his condition and that it is reoccurring they want to check it out. His eye has also been causing him a lot of pain which leads to head aches, and is still very blurry. They will call in a specialist to look into what is causing this issue. Hopefully nothing serious but in his state it's always better to be safe than sorry. He is at the Huntsman, which makes being hospitalized a little easier on him. He can even order peanut butter and cheese sandwiches if he wants.


Mills said...

I keep checking back hoping to hear good news and the judge has made her decision. I REALLY HOPE that you just haven't had a chance to post this good news yet and that you really don't have to wait even longer receive and answer.

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to be long weekend of waiting, but God has this in hand and must be for the best - we have been anxiously checking every chance we get for the answer - and will just keep waiting and praying. Hang in there Clark - you have so much heart and fight and spirit you will make it through and you will get your BMT - he will not let you down. We are all here for you in our hearts and souls and prayers. Kristin - Bless you for all you do! And Rhonda - from one mother's heart to another - stay strong and bless you for your courage, love and faith. Love the Fronks!

Timberly Lunde (Boettcher) said...

It's Tuesday...again, thinking of you Clark and wishing you well.

Chloster said...

Any news? Anyone?

Anita said...

I talked to Kristen yesterday and no news yet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristen,
I can remember when my brother Jimmy told me he was going to be a father, his face glowed and you could tell how happy he was. He never lost that look, whenever I saw him look at you, everyone could tell all the pride he had and that his baby girl had won his heart.
I know he is looking down on you with love and pride at the beautiful women you have become. Your joy for life and compassion for others is a blessing to this family. I hope you feel my great big hug for you.

Love Aunt Ann, a wayout here in Kansas.