Monday, May 24, 2010

Hear Our Prayers

Tonight the wind doth blow so hard in South Dakota. As if a storm is about to come in. Its the chatter of our prayers being carried to your door Lord! Whether it be voices loud, or whispers silent, they flow a steady stream to you tonight. As night closed in on the day and then windows to heaven seemed to close, we pray thou heard our final prayers and pleas this eve. I know prayers are thundering from most everywhere, from South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana, South Carolina, Washington, Georgia, Kansas, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah just to name a few. But prayers no where else can be spoken so earnestly loud, then from a darkened room in Utah, where a young man lay, wanting life more than anything else. Please hear his prayer. He is my son and your son Lord, please grant the bone marrow transplant. Though his father is gone yet his spirit lives, I know he is praying tonight from near your throne. Hear his grandparents and many other relatives that have gone on before, I know we all agree. Please oh Lord, let it be. And Lord would it be asking too much, if not only to give him a long and healthy life. But could he run, return to work, have children and a good wife?
Please silent the winds, calm the storms, bring light into the morn. Give us peace when we awake, settle our minds, rest our weary eyes, and our trembling lips. Remove the doubt, build up our spirits and prepare us for the decision we will hear from Judge Quinn. Might there be no question to the procedure or outcome of Clark Kimble's need. Please let Clark rest tonight, let him build up strength to once again fight and undergo another tremendous transplant. Let him live long and be an example and a servant for thee. In The Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Tasha said...

Great post! Prayers are being heard all over the world and they will be answered today hopefully...

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful prayer!Our hearts and prayers are with you. I believe prayers will be answered!

Mills said...

The only thing to say to that is Amen.

You are all in my prayers!

Kristin Kimble Purles said...

With all the faith I can muster today . . AMEN!

With humble understanding that our Heavenly Father is at work thou we know not why . . . AMEN!

With agreement that our Father in Heaven, who was also our Father on Earth, is also praying for his son, and his entire family, to be well in his absence . . . AMEN!

With tears of love for you and Clark and all our family . . . AMEN!


Anonymous said...


Prayers were being said all over Kansas last night and all day today.

Love to you all.

Carol Kimble Schoeck

Bart said...

Once again Clark you have such great people giving there love and prayers for you. Your moms prayer was beautiful and heart felt. Keep strong and God will do his will. Love you Clark. Hoping and praying that all will be well for you.

Anita said...

It is Tuesday - do we know yet?