Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday = D Day

Clark is still being hospitalized at The U. He has been there one week today, but was only out for 24 hours before that and was checked right back into the same room. The burst blood vessel in his eye was caused from having too much blood from transfusions. They are giving him two units of platelets each day to dilute it and that should help his eye heal. Because of his blurred vision he cannot see the TV, computer, read a book, or even to text on his phone. He said that all he does is ask for Diloted (pain med), and when that wears off he asks for Benadryl which knocks him out, then he asks for more pain meds so he can continue sleeping. Because the viruses that he has are so dangerous, his door is constantly closed. Nothing that comes into the room comes out. Even his meals are brought on disposable trays. He would have to completely gown up including mask and booties to leave the room so he doesn't. It's also easier to just stay in bed now that they've inserted a catheter to administer antibiotics directly into his bladder in hopes to target the virus. They put the antibiotic in, clamp the tube, and he has to hold it in for 1 hour 3 times a day. Clark said it doesn't hurt but feels like he has to pee all the time.

Clark can have visitors and has enjoyed those who have come. Thank you! His room is now covered with glow-in-the-dark constellations and he has such things as play-dough and coloring books to help pass the time. He also enjoys the outside meals that have been brought in. Hospital food gets old FAST. You make his stay a little more bearable, as well as lift our worries. We cannot be there everyday so it's comforting to know that others are visiting.

Thursday's court session has been heavy on my mind. It was hard to sit in the room and not be able to say anything. It was empowering to hear Dr Boyer defend Clark, yet sickening to listen to Dr H's arguments against him. While talking to the attorney outside after the hearing, he said that many people had told him to prepare himself to even be in the same room as Dr H. No one had one good thing to say about Dr H, but no one had one bad thing to say about Judge Q. I believe her decision will be fair. It was obvious to see that Dr H had spent countless hours of reading and learning Clark's complicated case, as well as many more hours researching to find studies and statistics in his own favor. I can't imagine investing that much of my life to prove that someone else doesn't deserve a chance to live theirs. Dr Hudson said that he is also fighting with Dr H for approval for a liver transplant. Another life denied. Loy got to talking to a couple in the ER waiting room and learned that he had a kidney transplant. There must be some hereditary condition because his mother and sister also needed kidney transplants but died because Medicaid denied them. DIED!

His doctors talked to Judge Q yesterday about the status of his case. She said she needs more time and will make a decision on Tuesday. We hoped it would be sooner but at least we know that much so we aren't on the edge of our seats every minute of everyday until then. The doctors want to keep Clark in the hospital until then so that if the decision is YES, they will immediately start preparing Clark for the BMT. Wyatt and my mom will also hit the road toward Utah as soon as we hear the good news. We are all hopeful. They can also keep working more aggressively to get him better and keep him that way.

We have done all we can do up to this point. Now we need to keep praying with all our faith that Heavenly Father's hand continues to be at work in Clark's life as well as ours, and that He will direct us in the paths we should go. After fasting for Clark last weekend, I was left with the overall impression that this is true and I need to put my ultimate trust in Heavenly Father.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Clark, We are still praying for a miracle for you here in Washington State. The verse I received today from Air 1 is
"We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly." 1 Thess. 1:2
Your friends, family & people you don't know are praying continually for you. I know there is a miracle out there waiting. Keep the faith.
We love you all.
Bobby & Claudia Mills

Anonymous said...

Amen, Kristin. May God's light shine upon you all, esp. Clark in the immediate future.

Anonymous said...

We are keeping our prayers going constantly and all of you are always in our thoughts. Stay strong! We are always behind you and we trust in the Lord that the miracle will happen.

Love, The Fronks, Jim, Marilyn, JD

andrea said...

Go Clark! What a trial for him to have to go through, and the entire family as well. We're praying for all of you!

Maria said...

We hope that you know that there are people that you haven't met that think of you and your family and are praying for this miracle for you. We pray that their hearts are softened and they start thinking of your life and not the dollar any more. With Love, Maria Smith

rebecca said...

I think that you got something wrong. Antibiotics don't work on virus's. If he has a virus infection it has to run its course. If he has a bacterial infection then antibiotics will work.

Anonymous said...

The virus and the need for the BMT have caused his immune system to drop enough that he is very succeptible to any kind of infection. That's why he keeps getting sick. And until he can have the BMT the doctors have to treat the secondary illnesses he keeps getting. That's the reason for the antibiotics. He is a fighter though. We're all praying for you Clark!

Anonymous said...

Still often think of your powerful words and posts Kimble family. Every word is so graciously thought out and in such a way that I often find myself crying or with goosebumps from head to toe. Keep fighting in everything you do. Clark you said it best, "There is no price tag on life".
Inspired by your stories,
Marissa Ellefson

connie said...

Praying for you in Florida Clark. Have followed your story since last August when my friend Karla Steck emailed me and asked me to pray for you. You are an amazing man with an amazing family who believes in an AMAZING God! God Bless you. Looking forward to the miracle that awaits you.
Connie G.