Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pain, Pain Go Away . . .

. . . Come again NEVER!

This has been a tough week for Clark. He said he has been in the most pain he's had since he got out of the hospital. His incision has been hurting a lot, he's recovering from the bone marrow biopsy, and he has severe pain in his arm at the site of his line. Any one of these would be tough to deal with but all three together is unmanageable. But like a super hero, Clark is managing . . . without pain meds. For the first time, I saw Clark break down. He cried and told me that he's sick of this lifestyle and hates that he can't do anything or go anywhere without getting diseases. I told him that anyone would be fed up with it by now, especially when there's no end in sight. It has to be a lot to deal with.

We spent the day between the Huntsman and the U today. His doctors are doing all the preliminary testing they can to prepare for the BMT. Last week he had an echo, EKG, Pulmonary function test, and a bone marrow biopsy. They want to keep all their information up to date as they are building a case for the Medicaid trial so he often meets with his doctors for updates. Today they took an ultrasound of his picc line and found a blood clot which is causing all the pain and numbness. They removed the line and put it in the other arm. Hopefully he will find some relief.

Clark receiving his IVs in the car on our drive up to the Huntsman. Once again, our very high tech medical equipment and techniques are at work.

Keeping the kids entertained for hours on end can be a challenge. We were thankful to find books and toys in one waiting room.

The site of Clark's previous picc line. It is discolored, swollen, and hard to the touch. As well as so painful that Clark cannot use or even move his arm, and it often causes him to be nauseated.

All better! And so pretty!

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Karla said...

Clark~ just hav to tell u that im proud to call u an dur sister my friends and honey that bandaid is very cute it fits u well :) think of u often still in my thoughts and prayers