Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Hospital Stay

At this point, Clark hates going to the hospital. He will often hold back telling the Dr's certain symptoms if he thinks they will tell him he needs to come in. Clark has been in severe pain for the past week. He developed a blood clot in his arm at the site of his picc so they removed it and put it in his other arm. It felt better for a day but then pain started in that arm also. I asked him if it felt like the first arm did to know if it was a blood clot or maybe something else. He said, "It feels like a knife is stabbed all the way through my arm, and just staying in there. It was only stabbing half way through in the other arm."

After days of minimal movement and symptoms not improving, I suggested, then insisted that we go to the ER. Clark declined. Bishop Sampson came over to help me convince him . . . or carry him out of needed. I couldn't do that by myself. Clark felt fevered to the touch and said he would go in if he saw the numbers on the thermometer. He has been told that anytime he has a fever over 100.4 it is considered emergency. Clark's temp was 103.1. He threw a bag together, the bishop gave him a blessing, and we left. One part that stood out to me in the blessing is that he said that Clark has more trials to go through here, but he will be blessed with strength and desire to go through them. At first I was disappointed to hear that he will have more trials but I think the key word is "HERE". Also, the strength and desire are much needed right now.
We went to American Fork Emergency hoping they could solve it there without having to go up north. We weren't so lucky. They gave him saline, a dose of antibodies, some pain meds, and sent us to the U. Clark was admitted at 4:00AM and soon after I headed home.

He was in the hospital until Wednesday. He said they didn't do much with him the whole time he was there. He continued to receive antibodies, infusions, and pain meds. They removed his picc and have to just wait for the blood clots to go away. I asked how he can get blood clots when his platelets are so low. There are other components of the blood, like proteins, that can also cause clots. They cannot give him blood thinners for obvious reasons.Mom, Loy, and two unexpected visitors - Grandpa and Wishbone, made the long trip out battling a winter storm and driving through the night. They picked Clark up on their way through. While at the hospital they saw many of people from our long stay over the summer including Marie, Susan, Dr. Schwartz, and Dr. Hudson.

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