Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Is This Angel?

I have written a couple specific posts as to who Clark Kimble is but today I want to concentrate on who Kristin Kimble, now Kristin Purles is. Today, June 04, 2010 is Kristin's 27th birthday and I feel impressed to let you know who this very special daughter of mine is, and who this sister is, and who this very special care taker is, and who this wife and mother is, and who this friend is. She IS and ALWAYS has been an angel.

Kristin Lacy is my second born child of eight children. She is my only daughter, mathematically leaving that to be that I have seven sons. She was a bright child, learning was easy for her and at a very young age she could recite nursery rhymes and stories that we all enjoyed.

Kristin was on the Watertown Dance team that excelled in all their performances. They danced at half time of the basketball games and some wrestling meets in Watertown, always drawing a big crowd. The team was filled with excitement and enthusiasm, and might I add "good looks" that kept the crowds attention. Jim, Ryan, and I were lucky enough to go with the team to San Antonio, Texas for the National Dance Team Competition in which our little group of girls from Watertown, SD won it all. Those were truly some great years with Kristin. After moving to Utah, she continued to compete in dancing but changed gears some as Salsa became her favorite. She still loves to dance today but doesn't find much time to do it now that she has a family. However when coming to SD, she still loves to dance to the good ole polka and waltzes that my family grew up on.

Kristin graduated from WHS on May 27, 2001

My brother Bruce Larson and I moved Kristin
from SD to Provo, Utah where she attended BYU.

She was offered a great job as a Nanny for a wonderful family in Pennsylvania in which she did take. She was able to enjoy the East Coast and all it offered while being with them.

Kristin's love for Utah never left her heart so she decided it was time for her to pack her bags, leave PA and head back to Utah. This time her life would change forever. She found another wonderful family to Nanny for. While attending the singles ward, she met her future husband. Just months later they were married. Since, they have given me two beautiful grandchildren, Willow and McLane.

So that brings us to today. As you can see she has always been a joy for me as a mother. When Jim died, she stepped up at age 15 and helped me raise the younger boys as if they were her very own. I needed her dearly. She has served so willingly to Clark over the past many months. She has made many sacrifices that we will never know about because she is so silent in her giving. Kristin has been the ROCK in our family. She is solid in her beliefs. She is an extraordinary example to all. She is a gift to me. It gives me pleasure as I watch her living her life and raising her family when I see or hear things I used to say or do while I was raising her. On a recent visit to her home I heard Willow screaming and crying that she wanted something. Kristin gently and quietly said, "Willow, I can't hear you, my ears don't work when you scream so loud". Willow quieted herself and then repeated herself in a much more acceptable way. I smiled and held back tears because I could then see what I used to do. Her kitchen is much like mine, her recipes are much like mine, and I am thankful for those things. I was a much smaller example to her than she has been to me. Kristin is a strong leader in our church and magnifies the callings she has been assigned to. Kristin runs everyday. Over the past months she has been training for a marathon coming up next week. She currently is running up to 12 miles a day (about 2 hrs and all non stop). In a couple more weeks, she will be one of twelve members who are running 188 miles though the mountains of Utah. This is the type of girl Kristin is. She will challenge herself and always BE her best. Quite a package that started at 9 lbs 3 oz and now is a whopping 117#. Amazing! Her mental and physical strength is unbelievable. May she achieve all she desires in this life, on the wings of "her" angel. Happy Birthday Kristin! I love you so deeply, Love Mom

PS No word from the Judge yet, we continue to hope and pray it will be soon. Clark is still in the hospital fighting with sinus infections. Just something he picked up in the air he breathes. Poor kid.


Anonymous said...

Nice letter, Happy Birthday to a very special lady, hope you have a special day and good luck in your runs. Today is special for our family also as 31 years ago my 3rd child and second son Todd was born. Great people were born on this day.

God be with Clark.

Kathy Rudebusch Randall

T + 2 said...

Happy birthday Kristin! You are such an inspiration to us all!

Karla said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!!!!

andrea said...

Rhonda, thanks for this awesome post about Kristin. It's nice to know more about her!

Tell Clark to hold on!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristin, Blessings, Hugs & love to you Rhonda. Clark we are still praying for your miracle to happen. We all know God has the timing down pat. Hang in there & keep the faith. We love all of you & your family.
"Love one another with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other" Romans 12:10
Bobby & Claudia Mills

April said...

Happy birthday, Kristin. You are astounding to me.

Elliot said...

Having grown up with Kristin I can second all that amazing stuff Rhonda said about Kristin!

I wish you the happiest birthday today Kristin!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kristin! Hope it was wonderful! Good like on your marathon next week.

-Cassie Solum

Stephen said...

Happy birthday (belated though it is), Kristin. Your mom is right. You are a rock (a star even).

Love you.


Kristin Kimble Purles said...

I was surprised to see this post. Thank you for the flattering comments. I see I have you all fooled!

Marcie said...

Oh Rhonda!! What beautiful words you have spoken. I am visualizing a beautiful little girl standing on a doorstep to a house with a wiggling suitcase by her side. As her mom and dad ring the doorbell as she is too short to reach it, and step off to the side of the steps. To what a wonderful surprise I was to find was Kristen and Gordy packed and ready to go home with us. :):):) Happy belated birthday Kristin. Thanks to your mom I got to practice on being a mother myself on you. Thank Rhonda!! Love to all of you. Marcie

Anonymous said...

You are an angel Kristin. You have given strength and love to your family even when you problably didn't think you had any to give. The Lord shares His tender mercies when we need them the most. I admire you-thanks for sharing your example of faith to me.