Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep The Faith

Super Clark is fighting many nemesis' right now but none have been able to overpower him. This super hero refuses to be defeated.

Monday's Updates:

  • Clark is holding his O2 sats higher each day. He is now able to wear nasal oxygen rather than the mask. When he takes it off, it's more than 5 minutes before he desats and has to put it back on, yesterday it was only 10 seconds. He has been coughing much less.
  • He is using slightly less pain meds.
  • He hasn't had a fever in days.
  • He held down a banana and a few bites of yogurt and granola.
  • They put a pic line in. When the antibiotics are administered through the veins, it is hard on the veins and they become diluted. Through the pic line they are more effective and get into his system much faster.
  • His lower back and tail bone have been hurting him because he's been in bed for days. He wanted to get up and with assistance, was able to stand and move to sit in a chair.
  • He is very picky about staying shaven so he has been fixated with getting cleaned up. Wyatt shaved him today and he looks and feels much better.
  • The doctors are going to leave his treatment the same for now.
  • Clark tried to get on Facebook but couldn't get logged on before he fell asleep.Brothers passing time in Clark's room. There's a limit to 3 visitors in the room at a time. You can see that we follow instructions well.Wyatt, serving any way he can.Clark, all spiffed up ready for prom. He said he'll have to go in a wheelchair.First time out of bed in days.

Doctors are amazed at how well he's doing so quickly. He has enjoyed having family around. Our spirits are high and our faith is strong. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. It all helps.


andrea said...

The singles ward picked up the donation cans today, and I'm amazed at the generosity of other people. One person donated a fifty dollar bill!

Tell Clark to hold on--we're praying our guts out for him down here!

And Kristin, thank you for this post.

Douglas Lai said...

Great news

Janeanne said...

Sending lots of prayer and positive thoughts your way. May the Lord sustain Clark and each of you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Clark!! Keep fighting!! Keeping our prayers coming! The Fronks, Jim and Marilyn

Janel said...

A silent lurker and prayer warrior here.

How about sicking the media on Medicaid?? I cannot believe they will just hold out until it is too late. I think you should alert the Today Show or GMA at least! Once they get a hold of the story, surely something will be done?? Maybe even Oprah?? couldn't hurt!

my word verifiacation is "chargon"
coincidence? I think not!

Chloster said...

Praise the Lord! Awesome news!

pauline said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

The Cordell's said...

Prayers have been sent your way from my family to yours. We check in on you every day. You weren't just a neighbor or friend to us but a brother. We hope each day you grow stronger and fell better!