Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rainy Days

C Words and Music by Cheryl Faye Larson Huntington, June 2010.
All rights reserved.

When I was just a boy,
My play outside was such a joy.
I’d pet the dog and ride my bike,
I’d climb the tree and fly my kite.
Unaware of danger near,
I kept right on, without a fear.
Life was good, and I was free.
Sunshine’s rays did smile on me.

But on those days when it grew dark,
My Mom would call, “Come inside, Clark.
A storm is brewing in the sky!”
Soon came the thunder’s roar
And lightning’s teeth outside my door.
I pressed my face to the window pane
And watched the falling rain.

Then Mama’d come and take my hand
She’d tell me, “Clark, my Little Man,
I promise that the sun will shine again.
I know it’s hard; it isn’t fun
To leave your toys today, but Son,
We’ll wait together ’til it’s done.”

She said, “This storm will surely pass.
Keep looking through this dismal glass,
And God will paint a rainbow,
bright and vast.
She told me about the pot of gold
We couldn’t see or really hold
And I believed the things that Mama told.

She taught me how to watch and wait;
That wishes don’t determine fate.
She built in me a true and lasting faith.
I understood her words so plain.
We pressed our faces to the pane.
Together, we watched the falling rain.

When I was twelve years old,
The rain beat down so fierce and cold,
And in that storm my precious father died!
My family knelt down and cried:
The rain outside fell from our eyes.
But we held hands through our pain
And watched the falling rain.

When I was twenty-four,
A final storm beat down on my door:
I could not tame that raging tide.
Despite attentive, loving care
And a world of faith and heart-felt prayers,
I said, “Alright: I’ve lost this fight.”
And I died that rainy night.

And as my Spirit took its flight,
I soared above the clouds in sight!
The One who held me close in His embrace
Said, “Now my Son, your mission’s done:
New life for you has just begun!”
With super speed we flew beyond the sun.

I looked below to see the earth:
The planet of my mortal birth.
I sent my love to everyone down there.
I saw it then: the rainbow’s end;
The pot of gold around the bend.
There we stopped, and I listened
to my Friend:

“The things your Mama taught to you
Are precious, Son, and they are true!”
Just wait right here, inside these
Pearly Gates.
And then I saw him, face to face:
My smiling father! We embraced!
There is no more falling rain!

We’re alright, no storms in sight!
No more rainy days and dreary nights.
No more rainy days—
Rainy days – and lonely nights!

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