Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Visit From Hemi "I Want You To Come Home"

My brother Bruce Larson and his son Shane brought Clark's dog Hemi to the hospital to see Clark. It had been over 2 months since they were together. Hemi had just delivered five puppies on July 11th and Clark went in the hospital on July 28th. By now all but one of the puppies have been sold, they are Italian Greyhounds. Clark also owns the daddy, Bentley. Bruce asked Clark if he wanted him to bring Bentley up next time and Clark said, "No, he is too jumpy". Hemi seemed a bit nervous with Clark. I'm sure he didn't smell the same (probably smelled like a hospital or to her, a vet clinic), and with the tubes etc she could tell something was wrong with her master. Clark came into the hospital weighing 172 pounds and now is down to 138 pounds. They say that people begin to look like their dogs or visa versa. I do see a resemblance in the nose and now they are both very skinny. That might be the nature of the greyhound to be skinny but I think Clark will be able to get his weight back soon once he can eat

OHH... Squeaky? Well I told you I left my camera for Clark to catch Squeaky making a late night visit? I was anxious to see the picture when I visited Clark yesterday. I said, "Clark, did you get a picture of the mouse?" He shook his head no and said, "I think its the nurse." He went on to explain that he thinks what he saw was her shadow along the wall and her shoes squeaking on the floor. The hospital is off the hook.


Anonymous said...

Bruce asked Clark if he wanted him to bring Bentley up next time and Clark said, "No, he is too jumpy"

I remember the first time I had met Clark and Myls. They were home for christmas i believe? And they had the dogs with them Bently was DEFINITELY jumpy. haha i have never seen a dog jump like that in my life. I immediately fell in love :) I even wanted to steal one of them, but thankfully didn't. Get better Clark and come to Watertown. Everyone misses you!

Karla said...

I wish I weighed 138lbs instead of, oh well nevermind !!!

Clark you look just GREAT, and so glad to hear about you moving yet again a little closer to freedom, and good to see you outside the hospital on your feet instead of in a bed :-).

What a journey!

Love this Wednesday,

Anonymous said...

Hay Clark,
This is Jennifer's mom from Washington State.You look great in your picture.You are such an inspiration to Bobby & I. I print our your blog for him to read each time. He has had his 2nd chemo. & has lost his hair & looks pretty darn good for an old man.Keep up the getting better. Hope to see you in South Dakota some day soon.
Blessings to Rhonda, Kristin & all the people who blog you.
Claudia Mills

Janeanne said...

Great to see you are spending some time outside and enjoying lots of company...even the furry kind.

We are dogsitting for my mother's 6 month old papillion this week. (We have 2 that are a year old.) If you need a lapdog for company, we'd be glad to ship him to you. :)

You are looking awesome. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the posts, Rhonda. It sure lifts our spirits to see Clark's continual progress and the updated pics of your family.

It's a great day! Be glad in it!