Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Is Only A Test

"This is a TEST, only a TEST of the Emergency Broadcast System." And then can you hear the sirens that accompany this warning on your radio and TV during the tornado season back home? I have used this warning to my benefit so many times, actually daily, in my life. Our purpose on this earth is to be tested and then to return to our Heavenly Father. When I'm faced with challenges in my life or that of my family, I hear those sirens in my head and I'm reminded that "this is a test". I ask myself, "How will I face this test? How will I pass this test? I HATE to fail and I know my score is being recorded in Heaven, so what am I going to do to best get through this test?" Then I move forward with my decision and hope I scored an A in the Lord's eyes. Time passes and yet another test will soon be before me and I again approach it with "This is a TEST, only a test. And again, those sirens ring in my ears."

I SOO firmly believe that our life was laid out for us in the pre-existence in Heaven. I know we agreed to ALL our joys and ALL our trials before we came to this earth to receive our earthly bodies. So as the pages of our life are turned and all these agreements are revealed once again, we need to accept them here as well. I shake my head and wonder "what was I thinking" once in awhile, but I'm going to keep right on chugging cause I'm passing this test, and I'm accepting what we agreed to.

Clark has many needs we are trying to meet both in the hospital and out. As I mentioned some time ago, Clark has Italian Greyhound puppies that NEED to be sold. Two did sell on KSL (Internet ads) right away but we still have three little dolls to get rid of yet. So yesterday (Labor Day), I thought I'd help by trying to sell the puppies at a local Wal-mart. That's what people do here in Utah, they take their puppies, cats, etc and set up pens along a strip of grass owned by the city, near Wal-mart's property, and sell their pets. Big business that way! I had been out for only a couple hours when my niece, Ana, called me from the hospital. She had gone to see Clark and was told they were preparing him for kidney dialysis. She wanted to know if I knew about it, in which my answer was "no". She said Clark seemed scared and wanted me to come to the hospital. Kristin had just joined me in efforts to sell the puppies so she stayed with the dogs while I hurried off to the hospital. No luck in selling any puppies today, so you still have time to get yours!Last weeks surgery (#13) was a tough one. If you recall, Clark had unexpected bleeding and low blood pressure afterwards. Not only did his liver take a hit backwards during that time but also did his kidneys. The kidney numbers had been going up and up until finally yesterday the urea and potassium numbers were critically high causing no other choice than kidney dialysis. He will need a dialysis treatment daily for three days, then be retested to see if further action is needed

It is certainly hard to watch Clark now a days. His body quivers with weakness. As he pulls a half full glass of purple G2 to his mouth to moisten it, he shakes so much. Then upon tasting the craved flavor and swishing it in his mouth, he humbly spits it out into his suction tube. He has also been approved to have Ice Breaker Sugar Free Mints so that has truly been a pleasure for him the past two days. Last night I assisted him as he worked so hard to shave himself. His skin was so dry under all those whiskers. I washed his face and hair with a cloth, then lotioned him up. You know what feels good? When that boy's weak and shaking hand comes out from under the covers then reaches for mine. That's appreciation! I love holding Clark's hand.
Clark is on 23 medications at this time. He used another six units of blood products yesterday. He will undergo his 14th surgery today at 2:50 PM. Upon request of Janeanne Bischke (a wonderful family friend), many family members and friends have joined together in a special fast today for the sole purpose that Clark's incision will be closed today, that he will heal and recover soon, if it be the Lord's plan. Clark is filled with fear today, remembering and knowing what happened after his last surgery. This is a test Clark, only a test. You accepted this and together we will pass it. Face this day with courage! We are praying this day concludes in joy and hope for better tomorrows. I love you so very, very much Clark.
To my boys back home, I love you all too. I know it isn't easy for you being on your own while I'm away so long. I know you boys have some big responsibilities to face while alone. I know your minds and hearts are with Clark too. At this time, Clark needs me and I need to be with him. Be strong, make good choices, and remember who you are and the name you bear. Love, Mom


Ashley Blanchard said...

Your family amazes me with how well you are holding up. I pray that your strength will continue to see you through all this. Its great to hear that you can swish all those drinks! I hope surgery goes well today and that your recovery will only go up from here on out!

Shayla said...

Good Morning!
I want you to know, I pray for you all the time. It looks like you're doing so much better than when we met. You look great!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11
"Look at the nations and watch -and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." ~Habakkuk 1:5

I wanted to share 2 of my favorite verses with you and encourage you. You are fulfilling God's purpose for your life, I've been so blessed by you. God is using you in so many lives, you've touched my heart.
-Thank you for keeping this updated Rhonda, you're such a blessing!
Praying for you.......

Jena Bracht said...

Praying for you through surgery #14 today Clark! You're going to do great - and God will hold your hand the whole way.

jenenllarson said...

Kimble/Larson's have always been stregnth in numbers. You better believe it. People that know Kimble/Larson's say that we are very strong willed, caring and emotinal people. We are sending our power prayers to Heavenly father daily and he knows that we need you now. So hang in there, keep sucking up the fresh air and get back home where you belong. Grandpa Joe also send his love. We send our love from Summit,SD. Have a pain free night tonight knowing that your back in one piece, hoping that you are able to be sewed together once again.

Anonymous said...

Hope today's surgery goes well. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Kelsey Likness

Anonymous said...

In church Sunday a man stood up to thank everyone - for their prayers and said he was back in perfect health and living his life to the fullest - he had had a liver transplant in May. I cried because it was such a blessing to see him standing there talking to us and not that long ago was where you are now. You given daily struggles and and I know sometimes seem insurmountable - but you are fighting and you are winning huge battles every day - the tastes, the air - I cannot imagine what that must be like - and I am so happy for you and continue to pray for these continued blessings. You continue in my thoughts and prayers and those of everyone I talk to. Keep fighting! Rhonda and Kristin thanks again so much for sharing your thoughts and experiencs, it means so much to us and I am inspired and grow in faith each time I read. Bless all of you and your family and we are keeping the prayers and love going in Kansas.
Love Jim and Marilyn Fronk

Anonymous said...

After being without a computer for days I have caught up with all of you thanks to this blog. You are doing a remarkable job keeping it up.Clark & Rhonda you are in my prayers daily.May God bless you and keep you today as you go through #14. I'm praying that they can sew you completely together so that your progress can leap ahead.
All my love and prayers, Roxie

Karla said...

I am so glad for the update Rhonda. I know you have a full plate/dog bowls, etc, but YOU have given me so much strength, and renewed my side lined faith. I can get verbal updates from family, but somehow YOUR words are an extra inspiration to me, and I fill with anxiety when too much time goes by without those words, and strength, and faith. I can certainly understand why Clark keeps you close at hand.

I pray for Gods mercy and ask him to go easy on you all these days. I ask for his strength to see everyone who needs that strength through to the sunny side of this experience; Clark, the family, the doctors, and friends who feel like family!

I was watching Dr. Oz, a cardio-thoracic surgeon on a special the other night, and his clinic gives post op massages, and keeps music going post surgically. They think it speeds healing and post op outcomes. So, I think Clark needs a couple of gorgeous massage therapists to be on call and make a few daily visits to speed his healing process. Just a thought!

Love and gratitude,

Jennie Bitz said...

Clark and Family,
My daughter and I are praying for you and hoping that #14 goes great and only good things to come. Clark you are Superman, you can do this. And Rhonda you are an amazing Mother, and I love all the blogs You and your family are posting to keep us updated here in South Dakota. We think and Pray for you guys everyday.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Clark...and looking good with the shave I might add! Prayers are constantly coming your way! God Bless your family too! I keep thinking how wonderfully amazing you all are! Love and prayers as always from Sioux Falls!
Megan (Simley) Johnson and Pete Johnson

Sheri said...

If all your kids are as sweet, kind hearted as Myls and Wyatt, you've done well and there will be no need to worry about the choices they are making..You have an amazing family and I am so HONORED to have met you, Kristin and the boys. I hope I get the opportunity to meet Clark someday. I feel like I know him already! God Bless