Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nichole and Logan

Please meet Nichole and her 2 year old son, Logan. Little Logan has Alagille Syndrome and under went a liver transplant at Children's Primary Hospital (which is connected to the University where Clark is). His mother Nichole donated 1/3 of her liver to Logan on August 17. She was hospitalized at the University to remove part of her liver while little Logan waited to recieve it nearby at Primary Hospital. They too had some complications with Logan's transplant but he was released from the hospital last week, Nichole was realeased earlier. Due to her own surgery, Nichole wasn't able to assist Logan much for the first two weeks of his surgery. I met up with them for lunch yesterday at Primary Hospital. Both Nichole and Logan are doing fine, they just came in for their weekly appointment. Best of luck to you both.

Clark had another great day! He is looking better and better daily. There is some serious talk between the staff to try moving him to the rehabilitaion rooms by the end of the week. Marty from Larson Tower, where Clark also works, stopped to see Clark yesterday - me without my camera. Bishop Sampson stopped up last night to watch the football game with Clark. Bishop Sampson's father is a Judge and said Clark had been called to jury duty but he automatically released Clark.

I do have some pictures of other visitors on my camera but I left my camera at the hospital last night. Clark was on duty trying to get a picture of "squeaky" the mouse. Clark insists that Squeaky stopped by again last night cause Clark heard him chewing on something! Will it be true or is it medication? Please stay tuned to find out. I'm as curious as you are.


Janeanne said...

Another great day and lots of company, that's awesome!

It's back to work this morning. Have lots of voicemails and emails to answer. Time off is great, but getting ready to go and catching up afterwards isn't!

Hope you and squeaky have a great day. When you move to your new room, hopefully he won't follow!

Nichole said...

Thanks Rhonda for lunch yesterday. I enjoyed visiting with you.
I'm glad to hear that Clark is doing better and i hope that he gets out of the hospital soon.

Karla said...

its really funny that i know both Clark and Nichole!! Best of luck to Nichole and Logan if u by chance read this. and clark keep ur head up and u will be out of there soon too

Jennie Bitz said...

Hey Clark

You are truly an amazing man, and it warms my heart to know that you have had a couple of great days of health and happiness. My Daughter asks me everyday if there is something new on your blog. We check it everyday to see how you are you doing. So I want to give Kudos to your Mother and Sister for keeping us updated in SD. Also looking forward to Blogs from you when you are up to it.
Jennie Bitz
Watertown, SD

Janeanne said...

Hey Clark. Isn't it amazing that today is the last day of September. Where did it go?

Yesterday was our first frost, but the day was warm and pleasant. Today, the wind is blowing about 40mph and it's blustery.

While it's fall for most of us, you are experiencing spring. After a long hard winter, you'll soon you'll be ready to walk out of that place and start life again on the outside.

Ann Bradstreet said: "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

Each day, may your strength be increased as you begin to experience new challenges and become reaquainted with the old every day routines that make up life.

Keep lifting those Gatergade bottles. You muscles will be buldging again in no time!

Have a blessed, great day!

The House that James Built said...

oh crap...i'm so glad i'm reading clarks blog. this just reminded me that i was called to jury duty weeks ago while my liver baby was hospitalized. need to call and get out of it before there is a warrant out for me...:)