Friday, September 18, 2009

Yard Sale

If you are a Utah follower, then come out to our yard sale! It's a two day sale with something for everyone. Nothing is priced, just "Donate and Take"! I have been pleasantly surprised at how generous people are. So come see us, buy something fun, and support Clark.

Friday and Saturday, Sep 18th & 19th
8:00AM to close!
816 S. 1660 W., Lehi, UT 48043.
(From round-about going west - turn south on 1700 W, then take 1st left after stop sign, we're on the corner.)

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Janeanne said...

Good morning, Clark and family. Good luck on the yard sale.

We're planning a busy day of landscaping. Our friends thinned their raspberry patch and gave us enough canes for a 200 foot row. And, we're going to plant a few hundred daffodil and tulip bulbs.
Brad has to work for most of the day, so it's mostly my project.

Believe it or not, I can run the Bobcat. It takes me twice as long as Brad to get something done, but it beats the heck out of shoveling by hand.

I'm anxious to get started, but it's still dark at 7am this morning. The sun will be down before 8pm. I sure miss the long days, but it's nice to have a couple hours in the house before it's time to sleep.

After an unusually cool summer, the fall has been unusually hot with temps in the 90's. Weird.

I bet you have lots of memories about landscaping and gardening as a kid. Maybe you didn't appreciate it at the time, but probably do now. Your farm is a beautiful place. You were pretty lucky to live there.

Thomas Edison said: "Genious is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration." The sun's up, so I better go work my genius on that raspberry row!

Have a great day. Love ya!