Friday, September 25, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! We have had a BIG day in Utah Valley today. To begin with, I would like to update you on the IR procedure he had last evening to find out what the pocket of fluid was around Clark's stomach. It was a bile substance near the spleen that was putting pressure on his stomach. They drained off over 2 1/2 liters of fluid. Good news this morning was that this fluid had turned to serum which is a good thing and at that point, it was very little at that. It is a bit uncomfortable to have the tube going through his ribs again but certainly tolerable. They put another line in Clark's vein and will start nutrition through there to slowly introduce his stomach to fluids again, hopefully he won't be nauseated. He has also been begging for ice cream but must not have begged to the right person so I don't think he will get that treat tonight. But soon! I know Clark is feeling better because he had a nurse call me this morning to remind me to bring his birthday present up. He ordered a cologne from me, called Prada in which has been held back at Kristin's house all this time. Yesterday Clark's liver doctor, Dr. Hutson who is known at the hospital as (Fabio) and who has become pretty close buds with Clark, compared colognes with Clark. Clark liked the one Dr. Hutson was wearing (Hollister's California) and told Dr. Hutson about his Prada. So Clark had me bring the Prada to the hospital and Dr. Hutson wants to wear it one day. How nice! Happy Belated Birthday Clark. Clark has been in the hospital since one day after his 24th birthday, July 27, so we never did get to celebrate it.
For those of you wondering about or maybe trying to guess what Clark's Medical Bill is so far? I happened to talk to the financal director today in trying to get Clark on some disabilty and she informed me that as of today, he is at ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Thats what this scar cost so far! Don't you think it is looking better since the last pictures we put up? ***If you put your curser over any of the pictures and click on it, it will be enlarged so you can see them better.***

Clark has been awake all day. He has been visiting like old times (except for its a whisper) and we certainly have enjoyed our day together. He spent a lot of time looking at the blog this morning and catching up on Face Book. I asked Clark yesterday if he would put some posts of his own up. I'd like him to tell you about his experience from his own point of view. I bet he will do it one of these days.
Now for the BIG news. Clark was moved out of SICU today and is now in room 2223 Intermediate ICU, one step closer to the door. What a big baby I am! As we got into his new room and met his new nurse I was weeping as if something was wrong. I assure her that I was just so happy for the move and the progress that Clark is now making. She understood. Visitation will still be limited to 2 people in his room at a time, gowning up for a few more days, and short visits for awhile yet. Please try to space out visitors as not to tire him too much in one day, he still needs lots of rest. I know he will welcome many of you who have waiting for a long time to come see him. I expect that once Clark is getting his nutrition orally and his strength comes back some, they will then move him to a regular room for the polishing stages and then HOME. Whew Who!!! But guess what Clark told me when he learned that he was moving to this "step down" unit? "Now you can stay with me Mom". Is there something wrong with this picture? Now I'm going to be sleeping in the hospital too. Oh, I love you too Clark.


Bart said...

Sounds like you are winning the battle Clark. What great news. You are looking great and the Million dollar scar is awesome. Keep up the great fight Clark and will see you on the outside soon. Love ya Bart

Cher said...

Hi Clark,

Ok, you've got a new haircut, new cologne, and a new room. Something BIG is definitely going on in UT. Praise the Lord.

Congratulations, SuperClark or should we say Million Dollar Man??This is great news and you are making great strides to get yourself home. Keep it up. Sleep well.


Anonymous said...

So now you are the million dollar man!

Such good news and I know it was be a great releif to finally make some progress and graduate out of the SICU!!

I donated blood today and told the lady doing the blood draw that I was doing it to honor you.

Keep going Clark! You are still in our prayers daily!

Carol in Kansas

Anonymous said...

YAY Clark!!!!! Grats on moving! One step closer to home bud! =)

Tanizha Berg

Anonymous said...

Awesome news and great progress, even the longest journeys have small steps that need to be taken.

Clark, keep your spirts and head up you are doing great.

Rhonda and Kristen thak you for keeping us posted through the blog, it makes us feel we are right by Clarks side during this battle, in which he is winning.

Prayers continue for a full rercovery

Andy if the Kansas Kimbles

Cheryl Huntington said...

Dear Clark:

I'm rejoicing! You look fantastic today! It's so exhilarating to my spirit to see you leaving SICU, spraying your cologne, and revving up to eat. I'll buy you a 5-quart--no!--5-gallon bucket of whatever kind of ice cream you want when you're ready!

I love you lots!


Janeanne said...

Good Morning, Clark. It was awesome to visit with you yesterday. You looked great and it's not surprising that you were able to move.

When everyone goes to the football game this afternoon, thought I'd come by and visit with you again...that is if you don't already have too much company. Definitely, we will stop by before we head back to ND.

Keep up the great work, Clark! We love you.

Oh...just one more thing....I didn't notice the blog you promised to send! Maybe I just missed it. :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to learn of the progress...way to go Clark! You have so much to be proud of...your strength and courage are admirable! Keep up the great work!
The Likness's

Anonymous said...

Yeah Clark - Wonderful news -wonderful progress!! The incision looks so much better! Keep up the fight - you are winning day by day. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly!

Rhonda and Kristin - I can never thank you enough for your wonderful messages and keeping us involved
Love, Jim and Marilyn Fronk

Stephen said...

What good news! There have been only a few of these posts that have moved me to tears.The thought of your being one room closer to the exit is definitely one of those.

Here's hoping it'll go faster now. I'd be happy to have no urge to check this blog any longer.

Anonymous said...

I was mowing yesterday and just as I finished a strip of grass by the ditch, this big ol' Dodge (I'll let the Dodge comment slide...since it's Sunday & all...) came rolling by with a man's handsome, smiling face sticking out the window. It took me a second, as it always does now that it is covered with a beard..."There goes Ryan!!" When do they grow up like this? When I hear his name, I still envision that 13 year old boy walking through our alfalfa field, hay hooks scuffing the ground as he came to help. I can still hear his voice, "Mom sent me over to help stack hay."

That was my introduction to the Kimble clan 18 years ago. Since then we've shared so many celebrations. So many joys. So many tears. I cherish them all because life is about sharing each and every one of them with the people that you love.

And the Schuchard family does, indeed, love the Kimble family. And, we rejoice with you all today.

(Now, someone find a nurse with some ice cream.)

Anonymous said...

You and you're family are such an inspiration. I heard about you from your Aunt Marilyn in Kansas and have been following your story since the beginning. I am so happy to hear you get to move to another room. Hang in there. You and your family will remain in my prayers daily.

Karla said...

Literally could not comment when I read the blog because I was Happy Crying!

Out of SICU, one step closer to the front door. That is HUGE!

You are one tough guy, made of strong Kimble/Larson stuff. Way to go!

I will buy you a delux Juicer AND an ice cream maker as a welcome home present. You just say the word!!!

Well done!