Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winning and Giving To Someone She Hadn't Yet Met

April Steck, Kate Larson, and Clark
Wow, it was cold in Utah yesterday! Heavy rain and snowing in the mountains. That didn't stop Kate and I from going on a five mile walk in early morning before going to see Clark. It was beautiful along City Creek near the State Capital where we walked, even in the rain. The trees are turning colors, the creek was flowing rapidly due to the new rain, and the mountain tops were white with fresh snow. But it was HOT in Clark's room. We met in Clark's room with Kate's sister in law, April Steck. April had never met Clark before, only knew of his circumstance through Kate. April wanted to do something to help and she did. April recently participated in a Slot Tournament in Nevada and brought back $320 in winnings and gave it all to Clark. She made the T-Shirt (on Clark in the picture) and got attention from others in the tournament which added some life and fun to the day. April also sent an email to the Atlanta Falcons (Clark's football team) and they emailed her back wishing Clark well. Thank you April!


Karla said...

Amazing! I was tickled to see a pic of my daughter AND my daughter in law visiting Clark.

BUT then I read the blog! April, you're so great to do this, that just touches my heart, and your act represents the generosity of people doing good things for other good people.

This blog has toaught me so much about the goodness and acts of kindness that occur in times of need. I wish the whole world functioned using this model.

You look great Clark, PARTY ON!!!

Love and Good Thoughts,

apriltahoe said...

Thanks for the kind words (aw, I'm blushing). It was a pleasure meeting you both. I hope I brought a little happiness to Clark.

Rhonda, I am smiling with my white teeth...LOL :-)

Clark, you have showed me how fragile life is, and to appreciate every moment. Go Red 4 (I will bet on that # next time playing roulette).

Thanks again,