Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Home in SD But Left My Heart In Utah

Another summer day has come and gone for the year. I'm going home before Clark did. I said my goodbye to Clark and headed back to South Dakota on Monday. Just as I didn't want, I ran into bad weather. Summer? Winter? I left SD the end of July in the heat of summer and come home to snow! I drove 100 miles in freezing rain and fog over freshly fallen snow. Black ice is a big worry and when its 32* and raining it makes for a perfect recipe. It was midnight when I got to Lusk, Wyoming and got a room for the night. I was exhausted after driving 35 mph for the last 100 miles. I woke in the morning to iced up windows and slippery side walks, slow moving traffic, and the same freezing rain conditions. But I was anxious to get home so I ventured out and just took it slow. I had rough roads, on and off, all the way to Mitchell where things then cleared up.
I received many phone calls from the boys at home. They wanted to know nearly mile by mile where I was at. They (primarily Wyatt and Ryan with gopher help from the others) wanted to surprise me with my newly remodeled bathrooms. Both needed a face life bad. I knew they were working on them as they'd call with questions but my answer was always the same, "keep the cost down, make the upstairs bathroom for a lady, and do what ever you want other than that". So they were just on the tail end of things and needed a few more hours before I could come home. I was greeted with hugs from them all except Ryan who had already headed back to Minneapolis. I grabbed my camera and went to check things out. WOW! I'm so impressed with the work they did in both bathrooms, but especially in mine. I've been gone for 2 1/2 months and what a good time for the boys to be naughty if they wanted to be, but look what I came home to. Besides working two jobs, Wyatt completely gutted the bathroom except for the tub. He sheet rocked the walls, built a closet, put in a new floor, sanded down and stained the vanity, put a new counter top on, new mirrors and shower doors, new toilet, and freshly painted the walls that I love the color of. Ryan came with his talent and porcelain tiled the shower and floors. Thank you so very much boys.

It's great being back in my own home. I have reconnected with my kitchen by making the boys a peach pie, some home made yogurt, home made Flax/Sunflower Seed Bread, sprouts, and tonight home made pasta. They are happy I'm home too. I want to thank all who brought food for the boys while I was away. I'm not liking all the rain, snow, and gloom though. Pretty hard to keep spirits up without sunshine. I miss going for my daily walks in the mountains of Utah. I started out on September 12 by walking 5 miles 6 days a week, and then increased daily up to 10 miles one day. It was funny after that 10 mile walk because I ended up with black and blue toe nails. I walked 5 miles inclined all the way up and 5 miles back down. My shoes do fit! Guess I'll have to get on my treadmill now.

I called the hospital this morning to get an update on Clark. They said he was doing well, his spirits were up, for the first time yesterday he actually pulled his own food tray close and ate 6 bites of food. The vomiting has stopped and his stomach is tolerating the nutrition they are still feeding through his nose. Keep up the good work Clark. He is very close to being transferred to rehab, possibly later today. I know I've been saying that for a long time, we all feel that way, especially Clark. But it will happen! I'm so sorry that I will not be with Clark to the end of his hospital stay. I will be going back to work on Monday. Kristin will do her best to keep all of us informed on Clark's progress but she too will have fewer visits to the hospital. H1N1 is a huge problem in Utah and hospitals are limiting visits. Not only a risk to Clark but to her two children. So please be patient as we endure to the end of this journey. We have appreciated all the support and followers who have encouraged each of us daily. Thank You and hurry home Clark. Love Mom from South Dakota


Stephen said...

I can only imagine how hard it must have been leaving before Clark is released. Hang in there.

Nice to hear you made it back in one piece.

Clark, keep up with the mending. I look forward to seeing you back in SD. I gotta see that badge of accomplishment (translate scar).

Mills said...

Glad you are home safe Rhonda, but I am sorry you weren't able to stay and see Clark make it out of the hospital.

Clark, keep getting better every second.

Mills said...

PS Your bathrooms look GREAT!!!

eric & kate larson said...

Rhonda, so glad to hear you made it home safe. You deserve to have those boys spoil you to pieces. It looks GREAT!
I can't imagine how hard it was for you and Clark to have you leave.
Eric and I can be there as much as needed.
Black toenails??? I know that feeling!!!

Janeanne said...

Glad to hear you arrived home safely, Rhonda and found that all was well.

Clark...not sure if you get these messages directly, but I'll keep writing everyday because I want you to know you are never out of my thoughts and prayers.

Looking forward to hearing that you are in rehab and hating every minute of it! :) Nothing worthwhile is easy. So, if rehab isn't hard work, then you're not doing it right. The harder you work, the sooner you can leave the hospital and start enjoying life on the outside.

May this be a great day!

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark,

Sorry for my lack of communication. My computer died last week, so I'm a bit out of touch. However, I have been thinking about you and continue to pray for your recovery.

Hope you had a great weekend! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Clark, I know God can do miracles. He has healed Bobby's tumor by taking half of it away. I know he is working in your life right now as I type this. You need to be very positive & looking forward to being home with your family. We
will continue the prayers for you to get up & walk out of the hospital. Love you & your family & all their prayers for us.
Bobby & Claudia Mills

Janeanne said...

Good morning, Clark. Heard you graduated to rehab! I also heard your voice is getting much stronger. Great job. Seems the next step is home. That will be awesome!

We had stake conference this weekend, so it was very busy. I organized a meal for 175 people on Saturday night, so it was a long day. But, it turned out well.

There were lots of great talks. The most significant thing our stake president said was: "If you are feeling far from God, guess who moved." It takes effort to develop a relationship with Diety, just as it does to develop and maintain our temporal ones. I'm going to work on that.

Know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and that we love you. Have a great day! Work hard!

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark! Just dropping in to say Hello. Hope all is going well. If you get a chance, post us a blog to let us know how you are doing in rehab.

Take care and have a great day!

Karla said...

Black toenails, I am so impressed Rhonda. You go girl!

Bathrooms look fabulous, and how nice was that to come home to.

Clark, I get updates from Kate, and it's great to hear you've moved in to Rehab, holding down food and walking. Good-Good-Good.

PS~Todays security word is POLEPOOT. What the heck, and who thinks these weirdo words up anyway! ;-)
Next stop, Kate and Eric's family room and pool table for a little game, huh!

Just give me a heads up and the new JUICER is on the way!!!

Love and Good thoughts,
Karla in St. George

Anonymous said...

The new bathrooms look great Rhonda! You have such good kids. You really deserved to come home to something nice. I was thinking of you on those lonely Wyoming roads. We drove through a blizzard there too and it is scary! Clark keep up the good work. You are a strong Arrow!! Keep going and you will be home soon.
Love Roxie

Molly Wall said...

I am sorry that you had to leave Clark behind but everyone knows he's in GREAT HANDS OF CARE. Also Rhonda the bathroom looks GREAT!

I am praying for Clark everyday. Clark keep up the good work! Your making it one day closer for coming home.

<3 Always,