Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After last night's visit with Clark I was excited to come home and tell you all about it. Then I received a phone call from Clark this morning that deflated my excitement. I will tell you the good news first.

We had a great visit with Clark last night. He said he has been craving pizza. You know all those hours of watching TV, seeing commercial after commercial, they really do work. I also needed to meet up with the girl who bought Clark's last puppy. So Kellen, the kids, two dogs, and I packed in the car and headed to the hospital, grabbing a couple pizzas on the way. Clark had asked the nurse if we could bring the dogs in and she said it was ok as long as they were up to date on their shots and bathed. So I walked right into Clark's room with Hemi who was excited to see him this time. When the nurse came in I was scolded and told to get the dog out ASAP! Whoa! At least they got a few kisses in first.

Because Clark will be staying with me they needed to teach me how to do his dressing change. I have seen it done a few times so the sight of it was not alarming to me, which surprised the nurse. Clark said he has seen it done so many times that he could teach me himself and he did have to teach another nurse how to do it earlier in the week. Thankfully the incision is healthy and healing well so it isn't too tricky. There are areas where the upper layer sof skin are almost touching! There are also areas that are still inches apart and weeping. They no longer think that Clark will need plastic surgery but are confident that it will heal well on it's own. As the nurse touched Clark's belly he commented how weird it is because he has no feeling in the area below his incision. We don't know if feeling will come back or not. Clark did say that he is a little nervous about going home. In the hospital he has immediate care if something were to go wrong. He's also worried about the flu and all the other sicknesses that are running rampant this season. It will be a big transition but he will do great.Finally, after the run in with the nurse and a dressing change lesson, we made it to Kellen, the kids, and our cold pizza. Clark surprised me by eating two pieces and started in on a third which he ended up packing away for later. We had a nice talk, met up with Becky to sell the puppy, and Clark headed back to his room for his Fantasy Basketball draft.

Stick a needle in my balloon. Clark called this morning and said that all his levels are off again. My heart sank! I didn't want to hear what this meant. His white blood count is low. He is isolated to his room and visitors are required to wear a mask and gown again. His platelets are low and he may have to have another transfusion. And . . . there is talk again about a bone marrow transplant. There are six different teams working together on Clark's case. They are going to try to fix things by adjusting his medication but if that doesn't work, he WILL NEED a bone marrow transplant. They told him that they are "hesitant to hold his meds and this is all trial and error." Not too comforting. Thankfully his liver is still doing well. This is all Clark knew for today. I felt bad for him being there, receiving this news alone. And all this, just one week before his much anticipated discharge date. We should know more in the days to come. Hopefully good news! Keep praying. Clark IS a Superman, but only through the power of Heavenly Father. We are searching for answers to questions that number the starts. Clark is growing weary but thankfully he can rest with Him until a brighter day, and he's ok.

Clark has a phone directly into his room and would love to hear from you. He continues to check the blog often and reads all your comments but a phone call is always nice too. His number is 801-585-8275. You can call anytime but you will have the most luck reaching him from 4:00 - 10:00 pm MST.


Janeanne said...

Hi Clark. It's been so great to see you up, out, and about. We're thankful that Kristin has been able to spend time with you and keep us posted on your progress.
Hope you enjoyed the pizza.

I'm sorry to hear about the sudden change in your condition. What a roller coaster you have been on. Today's news is hopefully only a short setback and a transplant will not be necessary.

I'll be fasting for your recovery this weekend.

One foot in front of the other, Clark. You'll get through this. You are almost there.

Have a good day and remember lots and lots of people are sending prayers to Heavenly Father on your behalf, every single day! Love ya. Be well.

Karla said...

Good news i love cause i know that U are closer to being released and being a normal person again that bad news is just a drop and u will bounce right back because u are a fighter and in so many ways superman Clark!!! Have a wonderful day!!
Karla for wyoming

Anonymous said...

Clark, how fantastic that your dog Hemi was brought in secretly to the hospital. That was awesome to hear! You are a fighter that is for sure. Continue that great focus on busting out of that hospital. You can do it!

Ashley Blanchard said...

Hey clark! I was so happy to hear that you were doing so well. I'm sorry about the not so fun news. I would love to come and see you, but i work at primary childrens and i am being exposed daily to H1N1 without knowing. So with that i think it would be best if i stayed away for a bit. Keep your chin up. I know that it is really frustrating sitting in a hospital day in and day out. I see it on cancer kids and parents faces when i work. I wish you the best! Write you soon!

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark. It's going to be a beautiful weekend in ND. The sun is shining and temps are expected to be near 60. We avoided a winter storm that was supposed to dump some snow on us. Unfortunately when snow comes, that's the end of warm weather. So I was glad we escaped it. I'll have to find time to get outside.

Hope it's a good day, in Utah, too. I'll give you a call later today. It will be good to talk with you and see how much your voice has improved since we last spoke.

Remember you are prayed for and thought about every day. Have a good day!

Mills said...

In the words of my little 4-year-old "No Fair!" It doesn't seem fair that you were doing so well and now this. There's one thing to do and that is to keep fighting. You can do it Clark. You can overcome this. I will be praying for you as so many others are also. What a remarkable and strong person you are.

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark. Even though the clock got set back an hour, I didn't get up early enough to greet you before it was time to go to church.

It's a beautiful day here. Lots of sunshine and the temp is about 60.

Good to talk with you last night. Hope you got rested up and are having a good day.

Enjoy your football!

Anonymous said...

Clark - keeping you in our prayers! The good news is great and you have come so far - the incision is looking so good. We will be praying the doctors find the answers for the problems - Keep fighting you are fighting a heck of a fight and keep hanging in there. I am so glad you got to see your dear puppy - I know how much mine mean to me and they always make me feel better.

Kristin - I cannot say enough thank yous for keeping us informed and all the work you do to take care Clark - and then keep us informed as well - it means so much to us!

From Kansas with love, the Fronks

Janeanne said...

Good morning, Clark. Can't believe the weekend is over and it's November already.

Hope you have a great week! Remember that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark. Found these interesting words and thought you might enjoy them. The author is unknown and I've taken the liberty of changing a few things.

I asked for Strength.........
And Heavenly Father allowed Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom.........
And Heavenly Father allowed me Problems to solve.

I asked for Courage.........
And Heavenly Father allowed
Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love.........
And Heavenly Father gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favors.........
And Heavenly Father gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted .......
I received everything I needed!

Have a good day!

WERDEL said...

I don't know if you knew this or not Clark, but chicks dig scars...!

Keep your head up.
Take Care,
Troy Werdel

Timberly Lunde (Boettcher) said...

Wishing you well Clark!

Mills said...

Thinking of you today! Hope that you are getting ready to leave the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Clark -

I am sure that being out of the hospital feels good. It should be easier to gain weight eating Kristin's good home cooking rather than hospital food.

You are in my prayers daily and you continue to inspire me with your strength and spirit and faith. Live your life is really wonderful advice! Your life is destined for something good!

Carol in Kansas

Ron Gullickson said...

I tried the phone number and it was the wrong phone number. I will try some other time.

Ron Gullickson