Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Latest

Even though our updates are coming less often, Clark has had a lot going on lately. We have been at one of the three hospitals he frequents a couple times a week. There are three major conditions he is dealing with right now.

1. He was told last week that a bone marrow transplant is necessary and they are going to move forward with it as soon as he gets insurance. We have been in the application process for Medicaid since October and it is slow moving. We were just told yesterday that he was approved by the medical board, now need approval from the financial board. We need to fax them a lot of information and hopefully he can get approved. It will be such a blessing if he gets on Medicaid. I don't know what he will do without it. When he was discharged from the hospital he was at $1.3 million. Since then he has had MRIs, Ultrasounds, Biopsies, Home health care, prescriptions, and regular infusions. I bet he has already passed the $2 million mark. Anyway, back to the BMT, we don't have a time line because it's dependent on the insurance. They said they will probably use the adult rather than the minor for a donor, meaning Wyatt. They will look at other aspects of their health as well. Clark isn't scared for the BMT. He was somewhat relieved to have an answer and a plan of attack. He is dreading the hospital stay which will be 4-6 weeks if everything goes well.

2. A blockage was found in the liver in an MRI done just before Christmas. He is scheduled for a procedure to remove it on Thursday. They said there are a lot of risks involved in Clark's case. Some are excessive bleeding because of low platelets and infection to the liver. The blockage is in the bile duct, which has caused a bile leak. So they have to insert a drainage tube through his rib cage to drain the bile before they can clear the blockage. Clark was very worried about this procedure but received a comforting blessing last night that all will be well.

3. While at the hospital, they sent him for an urgent colonoscopy, which turned our 1 hour visit into 10. We haven't discussed this on the blog before because it is a little more personal, but Clark has had frank blood in his bowel movements. That's the best I can think to describe it. I can't say he has had blood in his stood because there is no stool with it. Since he has low platelets, there is a lot of bleeding! You get the picture. And just in case you don't . . . Often times it keeps him at home instead of going to church, family gatherings, or other activities. He can always tell when his platelets are low. They were surprised that he was walking and not in any pain. The colonoscopy showed that he has "a continuous area of bleeding ulcerated mucosa with nodularity and stigmata . . . " blah blah blah! Pretty much he has a tumor or ulcer in his colon. In Dr. Hutson's words, "I don't know what the hell this is. I have never seen it before in a liver transplant patient." He has a few ideas of what it could be but will not know what it is or how to treat it until they see the biopsies under a microscope. Worse case scenario, which we have become accustomed to consider, he will have that portion of his colon removed. More on this by Wednesday or Thursday.

Huh, is that all? Yes, for now that is all!


Anonymous said...

Well I know you all must be thinking when will this all end and Clark be restored back to good health. I am praying for you everyday Clark and will now add the fact that we need $$$$$$ and Insurance for you too. I'm happy you all made it to Utah safely and homw again. Take care, Roxie

Your Mother said...

My dear son Clark. When will it end, when will your body be full of health and strength again? If the doctors don't understand it, why should I? I have the same advice as I did when this all began the end of July 09, be strong, stay positive, endure. So much in your life has been set aside. When you should be progressing financially and looking for the love of your life and giving me grandbabies, you are FORCED to take on every ugly battle that faces you. It was hard for me Clark, when I had to leave you and come back to SD, but it is where I'm needed at this time. It hurts me SOOO bad to be here when you are at war with your own body. In my absence I pray you recognize their love, appreciate their care, and give verbal praise to the two people whom I consider great tools in your health and recovery. They are your sister Kristin and your Bishop. They have never left you and I KNOW, never will. Wyatt and I will soon be with you again, once your bone marrow transplant has been scheduled. We are going to whip this Clark! You are Captain of a ship that will glide over the roughest waters as I know our Father in Heaven will calm the seas before you. I love you buddy, Mom.

T + 2 said...

Clark, and the rest of your family, continue to be in our prayers each day. Keep fighting Clark, you WILL overcome this.

Bart said...

Clark I continue to wish and pray for the best. You are so strong and and have endured so much and know you will come through this battle on top too. Love ya Bart

Mills said...

As I read this, I am speechless. What do you say? Clark should and probably will be in the medical case books. So many rare things have happened to him. For one thing, he definitely is a fighter. An example of what it means to persevere, press forward, and endure.
I pray that you will soon know that you have won the fight and there are no more battles ahead of you from this medical trial (for lack a better word, to me this is much more than a trial).

Anonymous said...

Dearest Clark, Bobby & I pray for peace, confort & calmness that can only come from our God in Heaven. He has been & will be with you now & forever.He gives us "only what we can handle."I firmly believe this. He has been with us this last year & we have great results. I know he will do it for you also.
Hang in there.
Blessings & hugs.
Bobby & Claudia Mills

Melissa Roby said...

Still praying for you've come this far...just keep fighting!! May God heal you and watch over you and your family. Take care :)