Monday, January 18, 2010


Clark is still in the hospital. There was talk of releasing him yesterday but he had a 104 fever so they decided to keep and monitor him longer. He was also experiencing pain in his side which they thought might be a reaction to the antibiotics and the CMV working its way out. Another stool sample showed an infection called C-dif (I think? I wasn't there for this conversation). For this he needs to take a pill three times a day for a week and shouldn't have anymore problems with it. As much as he hates it, looks like it was a good thing he was in the hospital to catch these things. Plans are for him to come home tomorrow.

Some have asked if it's nice to have our house back to ourselves for a bit. Honestly, no. We like having Clark here and actually miss that he's gone. I'm sure Hemi does too. For the whole first day she paced the house whining. Willow always asks where he is. "Oh, he's at the hopisal? He's getting blood?" I have pulled four loads of laundry from him room though. It's nice to know he's being taken care of, even if he does choose to eat Ramen or Pasta Roni over a homemade meal.

That being said . . . My confessions . . . We have eaten salmon and drank grapefruit juice while he's been gone! MMmmmm! One he hates, the other he loves but can't have. Both would make me feel guilty enjoying them in front of him.


Ligia said...

Oh Kristin, you are your brother's keeper. Clark, we're thinking of you.

Tara said...

Hello! My name is Tara from 30 minutes South of Washington, DC! My best friend's sister's daughter received a new liver last year. I found your site through another transplant site and have spent the last hour (at work) reading all your posts. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING... AMAZING. What a survivor! What a great story :) Thank you so much for sharing - I will continue to look for updates and pray for a healthy Clark!

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark,

Hope your fever has subsided and things are improving. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and wishing you the best. Hang in there!

Janeanne said...

Good morning, Clark. I'm thinking about you and wondering how things are going. My hope is that your condition has improved and you are at home.

Yesterday, we had a storm that dropped about a foot of wet, sloppy snow. Would you believe it rained (in ND) the day before? So, it's kind of a mess here. Looks like things have cleared up today. But, we are supposed to get another storm starting on Sunday.

I could do without winter! But, I guess it's all part of the plan - we need the moisture since it doesn't rain here all that much.

Take care, Superman! Have a great weekend.

Susi said...

Just touching base to ensure that you know we are still thinking of and praying for you all. I wish that I had words of wisdom to replenish and sustain your spirit. But, alas, all I have is the repeated message of the love we have for you.

We celebrated the arrival of Bailey Lynn Bolton on Jan. 12th to Ashley and BJ. She weighed in at 8 lbs and 5 oz. Without a doubt, she is a keeper so the "gift receipt" has been thrown in the trash. She's as relaxed and content in life as her mommy and daddy are. She has a full head of dark hair, which judging by her eyebrows and skin tone, will one day become a full mane of brunette locks. I am a very excited Nana and have adapted quickly to spoiling her rotten.

It must feel sometimes, Clark, as if the world is passing you by during these long months. While others continue to "live their lives", you continue to fight for some semblance of quality for yours. I cannot answer why this has happened to you, but I can tell you that you have served as an example, lesson and reminder for countless others. Your turn...your reward... will, indeed, come.

It has been 10 years since Adriann's diagnosis. For a decade, we have been told that having a biological child was not an option for Adriann. Recently, she and Kevin began seeing a fertility specialist so that they can explore their options for some sort of parenthood. Praise God! An MRI has shown that she has developed ovaries! They had been so malformed, the doctors referred to them as "scrapings where ovaries should be." Her doctor is very confident that he can harvest viable eggs from them. Her uterus, which had seemed to have been frozen in time at that of a 5 year old, has developed to the point that they believe it will be possible for her to carry her own child. We are still in the early stages of decision-making, but I can't help but to believe that she has been blessed with yet another miracle for the faith, perseverence and trust she and her family have maintained for the past 10 years.

My point, Clark, is that the Lord works within His timeline. We cannot improve upon it, because He is perfect and, therefore, so is His plan and timeline. We must sustain ourselves by trusting Him as we journey through it...and knowing that we couldn't be in better Hands.

Anita Kay said...

Hi Clark - my name is Anita and I work for the Red Cross. I worked with Bishop Sampson when your Ward held the blood drive while you were in the hospital. I was able to meet your mom and sister that night. I am so glad that I know you - okay, I don't really know you and sometimes I feel like a blogger stalker :) But, like many who know your story, we feel like we know you and you are always in our thoughts and prayers! Your strength and courage facing what you have gone and continue to go through is an inspiration to many. I know you would trade just about any thing for good health - I am so sorry for what you are having to go through. Thanks for letting us all share in this part of your life with you. Take care - Anita Kay

Janeanne said...

Hi Clark. Just checking in on you and sending our love and best wishes.

Janeanne said...

Hey Clark. Just dropping by to say "Hi". Hope this day is good! Take Care.

Janeanne said...

Hello Clark. Been thinking about you and just wanted to let you know. You are in my prayers. Have a great day.