Friday, January 1, 2010

Clark's Favorite Holiday is Christmas

Clark in his new suit with Bishop Sampson

In a phone conversation with Clark, shortly after he got out of the hospital, he became emotional as he expressed to me that Christmas is his favorite holiday and he wouldn't be able to come HOME this year. I replied that my car drives West as easy as it does East, South, and North and that I'd bring our family to him this year rather than him back to South Dakota. I could feel his excitement and relief immediately. Plans started right away with getting schedules for school and jobs cleared. We too were excited that we could all be together again. Due to the bad storm being forecasted our plans for leaving changed slightly. We decided to leave earlier than planned to try beating the snow storm expected in SD. Ryan came home from Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon, we packed four people per two vehicles along with winter gear, snacks, gifts, meat for Kristin's freezer, and a washer and dryer for Kristin too. Ryan, Bjorn and Myls headed to Sioux Falls to pick Fletcher up once he got off work at Tradehome Shoes about 10:00 PM. Dave, Wyatt, Huxley, and I dropped our Yorkie, Mercedes off with my sister Loy's family to watch while we were away. We met up with the other boys in Sioux Falls and began our long journey just after 11:00 PM. The roads needed to be respected but we knew they weren't as bad as they soon would be once the storm hits. Fletcher drove Ryan's truck following behind me driving Dave's truck. We met up with snow and fog in the Rapid City area so it wasn't as easy seeing the boys behind us. I was moving along pretty good when I got a phone call from Fletcher that they had run out of gas, I didn't even know he wasn't behind me anymore. It wasn't so funny then as it is now, but we went 21 miles into Rapid City and back out with gas for the boys who were stranded. That cost us over an hours traveling time. Reason? They said they were listening to "tunes" and didn't pay attention to the gas gauge. Dave's tank is twice the size of Ryan's so we didn't even think about filling up with gas yet. We sure kept an eye on things better after that. The farther we got from SD the better the roads were. With all the extra drivers we drove the trip straight through, however my trip alone back in August was faster than this trip. It was great to be in Utah with the kids.

The morning and afternoon of Christmas Eve was spent back at the hospital. Dave and I took Clark to an appointment that had been scheduled for an ultrasound on his liver with concern of low blood flow. While there, the doctor ordered an MRI to follow right away that afternoon. We did have time to take Clark out for a nice breakfast between appointments since he had to be fasting for the ultrasound. It was very hard for me to walk back into that hospital. Memories surfaced quickly and I was choked up as I walked along side of Clark this time.

Kristin had made our traditional Christmas Eve supper of Chili and Cornbread, which we totally enjoyed. She is such a great cook. We hung our ornaments on Kristin's tree and told why we chose the ornaments we did, then opened our gifts. Last we made a visit to Bishop Sampson's house about 11:00PM with a gift of appreciation for him from our family.
Clark had told me about the ornament he found online. It was so cute that I had to copy it and emboider him a sweatshirt with it on. It says, "I CONTAIN RECYCLED PARTS". I embroidered sweatshirts for each of the kids that applied to their personalities. Clark has received a lot of comments on his sweatshirt already. We found that Clark's, Kristin's, Dave's, and my ornaments all were associated with Clark's liver transplant.

We took family pictures on Saturday before four of the boys headed back to South Dakota. Dave, Myls, Huxley, and I stayed another day. We were greeted back in South Dakota with a lot of snow, 22 inches at home. The boys moved a lot of snow before we got home. Dave spent the next two days finishing up moving the massive amount of snow in our yard.
Clark called me yesterday with the results from his MRI. Things aren't as good as we hoped as it was determined that one of the arteries going to Clark's liver is blocked and he also has some stones in his liver. Clark has an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday in which we will then learn what the plan will be to correct his condition. Please continue to keep Clark in your prayers. He has a long way to go yet.

The Lord has been good to us and we will forever acknowledge that, however I must admit that I was excited to see 2009 end and a new year begin. My prayer is for 2010 to bring good health and a prosperous life to Clark. Clark spent his New Years Eve with the Singles Ward at a party in their church. May we all set and reach our desired goals. Our prayer proceeds for the donor family to continue finding peace and closure. We continue to remember your generous gift.


Ligia said...

I love the I contain recycled parts sweater. Christmas is my favorite holiday too. Merry belated Christmas to you all! Can't believe it's over already.

Marisa Stonebarger said...

What a great family picture. So happy to hear you could all be together for the holidays. God bless.

Austin said...

Looking good Clark! We continue to remember you in our thoughts and prayers.

Bart said...

Clark you look great in all the pictures. I bet this was one of the best Christmas ever. It is great that all were able to get out there and make this a special one for you and your family. Keep up the great fight and keep getting better. Have a great 2010. Love Bart