Thursday, January 21, 2010

In and Out

No, not the burger. Although they are mighty tasty and we have enjoyed them once since they started popping up in Utah. Rather, in and out of the hospital. Clark was discharged from the U on Tuesday and readmitted to the Huntsman on Thursday. We should start saying that Clark is having visits home instead of visits to the hospital. Between American Fork, the U, and Huntsman, he really spends more time there than he does here.

He was admitted because his levels were at an all time low. Clark knew something was up by the way he was feeling. He was supposed to have an infusion on Monday but was in the hospital and they didn't do it for some reason. So when he went for his infusion on Thursday at American Fork he was really feeling it. He barely made it in. He got light headed and was seeing stars as he walked through the doors. The threshold they usually want his platelet count in is 10-20 and Clark's was at 3. His hematocrit was 10 and they want that at 24. While at the Huntsman, they wanted "tank him up" with blood and platelets to get his counts back at a healthy level. They said they will aggressively get his platelets up and bring the bleeding down. He was being infused around the clock the whole time he was there. They said that they will "keep him here as long as they feel it's unsafe to be outside and he's not needing daily transfusions." They originally estimated his stay to be 3 days but he was discharged the very next day.

Clark had blood in his urine once in the last few days and while there they also found an organism in his urine. It is contagious so staff had to gown up and they made sure he was using his own bathroom at home. He is being treated for that with an IV antibiotic three times a day.
We have heard what a nice facility the Huntsman Cancer Institute is and we were not disappointed. The rooms had more of a hotel feel than a hospital feel. They were big, had a pull out couch for two to sleep on, a desk area, closets, big bathroom, and even the colors were cozy and warm. You order your food off The Point Bistro menu and it's brought to you by "room service" whenever you want it. Clark said it was too bad that he didn't have a room like that to stay in when he was in the hospital for months on end. Even though they were nice, he was glad that he only had a one night stay.

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