Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Home Sweet Home"

This was what Clark said as he walked into his hospital room last night. Ya, that's right. He was admitted to the U. As you may recall he was supposed to go the hospital on Thursday to remove the blockage in his bile duct. They called on Wednesday and said that they would wait until after the upcoming BMT. The drainage tube would just create an easy passageway for infection and bacteria. This along with his even lower immune system during the BMT, not a great combination. So he was thrilled not to have to stay in the hospital and went to the Jazz vs. Calvs game instead!

On Friday they called Clark, wanting him to come in for blood on Saturday at Huntsman. Clark asked if there was anyway he could get it that day at American Fork. Of course that was fine. Sometimes they just don't think of the inconvenience it is to drive up there. Just before getting hooked up for blood, his phone rang again. This time it was GI at the hospital. Results from his colonoscopy biopsy were in and he has a virus that needs immediate treatment. They wanted him to come in ASAP but it takes a couple hours to get blood, home to pack and eat, and an hour drive. We arrived at the hospital at 9:00PM. Admitting didn't have any orders and didn't know where to send us. Great! After much searching, a few phone calls, and an hours wait, Clark had a room.

He is on the 5th floor, just next door to where he was months ago. Yoko, one of our favorite nurses from before, was his nurse last night. She remembered him too. Clark said it felt weird to be in that room and able to move around. He recalled memories or his first shower and that "dang ol' enema." Clark weighed in at 140 lbs, which is the same weight he was discharged at two months ago.
So the diagnosis? Clark has CMV colitis. It is a virus, similar to Epstein Barr or Mono in that many "normal" people get it, have mild symptoms, get over it, and never even know they had it. On the other hand, it can wreak havoc in immunocompromised people. It can show up in many areas like the eyes, colon - as in Clark's case, and what is a major concern - the transplanted organ. It is also the type of virus that once you have it you always have it and it can flare up at anytime. He will receive a 14 day course of IV antibiotic medication but is only expected to be in the hospital for 2-3 days. We know how quickly all of this can change and hope for the best.


Janeanne said...

Hi Clark,

It's been a while since I've checked the site. I'm sorry to see that there are so many developments in recent days. Was sure hoping the BMT wouldn't be necessary. Hope the hospital stay will be short.

We were planning to see you the Sunday or Monday after Christmas when we were in town. But, I managed to catch the flu and thought it would not be a good idea. Hope your enjoyed your family reunion. How nice that you were all able to be together.

Hang in there, Clark. We'll put you at the top of our prayer list! Take care.

Timberly Lunde (Boettcher) said...

Clark, still praying for you! Wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...


Well you sure look good! We are continueing to pray for you and your family. Good luck with your surgury today.

The Veeder's

Anonymous said...


My mess up. Not surgury. Good luck with the upcoming procedures.

The Veeder's