Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Cross Luncheon

Each year the Red Cross holds a luncheon to show appreciation for businesses, organizations, or groups who host blood drives. This year they asked Clark to be their poster child and to speak at the luncheon. He humbly declined but nominated me to speak for him.

When we arrived, there were many who were anxious to meet Clark and shake his hand. Anita, of the Red Cross, warned me that her entire office has become very attached to Clark and feels as though they know him personally through the blog.

There were about 70 people there. A couple Eagle scouts were recognized for blood drives they had organized as their project. Another man was recognized for having recently donated his 14th gallon of blood! That's a goal I hope I can reach!

Both Anita and David Sickich spoke prior to me and they were emotional so it was a tough place for me to start. I tried to keep it short and sweet as I knew people needed to get back to work and such. I told a bit about Clark's history, his liver transplant, and now need for a BMT. I said that he has been dubbed a superhero but it is people like them who give the superheros out there their power. There were a few crying eyes and I know many were touched by Clark's story.

Afterward, a man came up to me and handed me a business card. He was emotional and his words were few and choked. He said that he wants me to send him Clark's story and he will try to get him nominated for Thursday's Hero. I'm not familiar with this but all you Sportsbeat Sunday watchers will know that this is a BYU program where they recognize real heroes and they get to meet the team and it is sometimes on TV.

Overall this was a great experience and a good opportunity. I know that Clark would trade all of this for good health in a heartbeat so the most we can do is share his story and hopefully some good will come of it.
Clark, Anita and Brittany from the Red Cross, and Kristin

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