Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dr. Parker had a conference call with Medicaid yesterday. I'm not sure on the details of the conversation but I know that they denied the BMT again! The doctors are going to push this into a hearing but that will not take place for another month. As urgent as this is, Medicaid is backed up and cannot get to this any sooner. In the meantime, Dr. Boyer and Dr. Parker are in close contact with each other and are exploring other avenues to get going with the transplant. They are moving forward with as much treatment and preliminary testing, such as organ functions, performance status and labs, that they can do in preparation for the BMT so that when they get the word go, they can GO! From there, things will move forward very quickly. First and foremost, Clark needs to get over these viruses and bacteria he keeps getting. They cannot start anything until he is rid of them.

Clark was admitted to the Huntsman again yesterday because his blood test came back positive for a bacteria. He has one in his lungs which is an older one, and another in his blood which is new. Clark doesn't have a fever and feels well. At first they were unsure of what exact organism it was but knew that it was class Gram-negative which is concerning. They suspected it could have been from the plasma infusion. This is the most frequent complication with plasma transfusions as plasma cannot be stored at a cold temperature. It must be stored at room temperature but is supposed to be used within a certain time frame to avoid bacterias from developing. Well, more testing was done and results came back which identified the organism as E coli. It is not from plasma and he could have come in contact with this anywhere. They said it is easily treated with a 14 day antibiotic.

Last but not least, there were also signs of the Acinetobacter virus again. They will look into this more to determine if he does have it or not and decide treatment or discharge from there. Acinetobacter is a tough virus so we're hoping he doesn't have it!


Mills said...

Wow! I am in complete shock....I just can't believe this.

A few posts ago you said, "The letter that came in the mail said that statistics show a 75% survival rate for the first year and a 55% survival rate for the first 3 years. I guess they didn't like those statistics. We don't either!"

I can't believe that they actually put that in writing. First, Clark has beat all the other statistics. And second, who are they do judge the worth of a soul whether that person live for 1 minute or 1 million years, who can put a price tag on "life".

It sounds like you have so many on your side, I hope Medicaid turns around and grants Clark's BMT soon.

Anonymous said...

Clark, We are still praying for a miracle. Keep your hopes high.God doesn't give us more than we can handle.We love and care for you and your family.
Bobby & Claudia

Ligia said...

The government is getting wacky. I hate to hear this. Just keep doing those wheatgrass shots if you can. I know it's time consuming to grow and juice it yourself but Jamba Juice provides shots for convenience. I can testify very strongly to the healing power of fresh wheat. I know it tastes gross but it is the miracle blood builder and cleanser.

Bart said...

Hey Clark just know there are many who are trying so much to turn this thing around. keep up the good fight superman you have so many like your family in your corner fighting right along with you. Love ya Bart

Anonymous said...

Oh Clark and Family, I know this is so discouraging - but you have so many people supporting with thoughts and prayers - this will happen. I have been keeping my prayer chain going constantly for you so the Kansas Prayer Warriors are in action. You are so strong and such an inspiration - keep your faith - goodness shall prevail! We love you all and keeping you in our hearts and prayers always! Love, The Fronks, Jim Marilyn and JD and The Winters, Brandon, Jennifer and Aydan

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Clark and family. I know that it gets discouraging. I was always one to root for the underdogs, so know you know twe are behingd you here in KC with thoughts and prayers.