Saturday, April 17, 2010

Medical Record Novel

Many have asked how many units of blood Clark has received in all. It's such a large number that we cannot even estimate what how much it is. The hospital doesn't have one place where they have this number either but said it would be in his medical records, which Clark called to request. A packet arrived in the mail, about three inches thick, and a bill for $104. My mom had it copied and bound for $25 and was up until 2AM reading through it. She said that much of it was in medical terms and over her head but still very interesting to read. She learned some things that she didn't know before. Things the doctors didn't come right out and tell us. Or maybe they did tell us but in a more gentle way than the candid truth recorded in the records. The transplant alone takes up 10 pages. One of the things we learned that while we celebrated and danced at news of a successful transplant finished, the doctors recorded in his chart that he was returned to SICU in critical condition.

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